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Here is the database of nicknames that I frequently use for all the players. I add more as time goes on and we have a grave-yard for all the players that have come and gone. I can be democratic about this process and always looking for new suggestions. Josh Barfield was always one that stumped me for some time and he eventually left without a nickname. Some of these aren't used on a regular basis, if at all, but they are just fun to say.

Current Roster
Lou Marson: #LouMar
Carlos Santana: Sweet Sounds
Matt LaPorta: MaTola (Thanks Ozzie!)
Travis Hafner: Pronk, Pronky, Pronkster, Le Grone Pronke (For Games in Toronto Only)
Asdrubal Cabrera: Drubs, A-Cabs
Lonnie Chisenhall: The Chiz
Jason Donald: JD
Jack Hannahan: Super Mannahan, Jack the Mannahan
Shelley Duncan: Hawkman
Grady Sizemore: Grizzle
Michael Brantley: Mikey B
Fausto Carmona: The Bug Tamer
Carlos Carrasco: Car²
Justin Masterson: The Mastard
David Huff: Huffy
Joe Smith: Smitty
Vinnie Pestano: Vinnie the Gangster
Chris Perez: Benz, C FN P, CFP, Perez Right, PURE RAGE
Rafael Perez: Raffy Left, Perez Left
Manny Acta: Actavision, The Fedora

Shelley Duncan RBI: "A dose of #HawkBlood" or "CAW"
Matt LaPorta Home Run: "MATOLA SMASH!" 
Justin Masterson Strikeout: "Taste the Mastard Sauce!"
Tony Sipp Strikeout: "Sipp on this!"
Carlos Santana: Ayeee Carlos, VAMANOS!
No Longer in Use
A Mike Redmond Clutch Hit: "NAKED (insert type of hit here, EX. NAKED DOUBLES!)"
Andy Marte Home Run: "PARTY TIME!"
Ben Francisco Home Run: "The Ben Francisco Treat!" 
Austin Kearns Home Run: "Salute The Kearnal!"

Minor Leaguers
Nick Weglarz: Big Red, The Ox, Wegz
Nick Bartolone: Rango, Italian Stallions Little Prodigy

Grave Yard
Joe Borowski: Jumpin' Joe, Blowin' Borowski, Marlborowski
Sal Fasano: Big Sal, The Big Mustache
David Dellucci: Crap
Franklin Gutierrez: Frankie G, Guit
Tom Mastny: McNasty
Mark DeRosa: Dero
Rafael Betancourt: The Gavel, Raffy Right
Victor Martinez: V-Mart, Vic
Ryan Garko: Garko, Shark, The Object of Wedge's Hatred
Cliff Lee: Clifford The Big Red Razorback
Jake Westbrook: Jack, Westy
Ben Francisco: Benny Fresh, The Frisco Kid
Kelly Shoppach: Shop, Shoppy
Jhonny Peralta: JP, P-Gun, JOANIE
Vinnie Chulk: Chulkamania
Mike Redmond: Naked Man
Andy Marte: Marty The One Man Party, Marty
Mark Grudzielanek: Grudz, Grundle
Jayson Nix: The Rectangle (For his rectangular head)
Chris Gimenez: Gem, Gimi
Nate Recknagel: The Recking Ball
Russell Branyan: The Muscle, Rusticle
Jeremy Sowers: The Sour Pitch Kid
Aaron Laffey: Laffey Taffey, The Joker
Eric Wedge: 'Ole Blinky
Carl Willis: C-Train
Jeff Datz: Datzy
Joel Skinner: Windmill
Gutierrez/Choo: Chootierrez
Shoppach/Garko: Sharko
Marte/Carroll: Marroll/Carte'
Nix/Marte.Valbuena: Nimartuena, The Three Headed Monster (Emphasis on Monster)

Luis Valbuena: Baby Louie, Louie V
Orlando Cabrera: Uncle Orlando, O-Cabs
Beau Mills: Big Bad Beau
Austin Kearns: The Kearnal
Jensen Lewis: J-Lew, J-Rod, Jenny LEw

Sipp/Smith: Smipp
Germano and Pestano: The Bullpen Mafia

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