Carmona Loses Control; Tribe Lose 3rd Straight Series

What a rotten night for Fausto Carmona

Carmona Walks 8: Fausto only gave up 3 runs in his start today.

The problem was he only went 3.1 innings and he walked a career-high eight batters.

It's very unlike Carmona, and really all the Indians pitchers to walk batters, yet the theme continues and the free pass is being issued an awful lot.

Carmona typically holds a good strike to ball ratio, but in this game he was 40 strikes to 42 balls.

Let's hope that he was just battling the cold and trying to find his command because of it. That could be the reason for someone like C.C. as well. Obviously this won't continue, it's just a matter of staying afloat until it stops.

Jensen Lewis Holds it Down: Jensen Lewis had to pitch earlier than usual for him in this game.

Jorge Julio and Breslow went multiple innings the previous night, so they had to throw someone out there.

Jensen went 2.2 innings, coming in with the bases juiced and 1 out. He struck out Travis Buck and got Mark Ellis to pop out.

Masahide Kobyashi and Joe Borowski each pitched perfect innings, Masa only needed 6 pitches.

Things went haywire when the game was close and Rafael Perez came in to hold it there.

But Rafael quickly let up four runs and just like that the Tribe was once again out of it.

Pity Runs: I call them pity runs cause that's what they were.

This is how the three runs were scored tonight.

Casey Blake Grounds out to Second, Gutierrez Scores - 3rd

David Dellucci walks, Travis Hafner Scores - 6th

Grady Sizemore sacrifice fly, David Dellucci scores - 9th

Now. You can't win that way.

Especially when your starter goes 3.1 innings..

Scrapping runs together is nice, but the A's had their sticks and the pitching wasn't all there.

You have Lenny Freaking DiNardo out on the mound for them.

Where's the muscle man?!

These B Team Rotation Pitchers for the A's are shutting this lineup down.

They better get it together, you hate to have both sides of your team not working at the same time. It's all about picking the other side up.


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