Plunk Manny?

With the first game against the Red Sox looming, Skip Hall brings up an interesting question.

"It's 2008 now, and if professional baseball players truly police themselves on the field, it's time for Ramirez to get the major-league equivalent of a Taser blast.

He needs to be knocked down -- at the least.

Ramirez's act last October calls for high-and-tight heat. Don't hit him, just put him on the ground.

If Jake Westbrook wants to put a two-seamer into Ramirez's ribs, well, there will be no tears shed here. " - (Plain Dealer)

So whaddaya do? Knowing Eric Wedge and even Jake Westbrook and even the make up of this team.

They won't heat Manny up for last year when he watched his majestic jack in game four with his team still down by a lot.

I would maybe.. I would have in Game five if I was pitching.. Maybe not now.

He deserved it, I don't care how good you are or how "challenged" you are like Manuel is. You don't show up the other team like that, especially when you are down.

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