Boy, we did some run scoring!

Sure did, and it was right from the get-go.

Frankie Busts Out: And it came just when you thought, well another opportunity squandered.

Buehrle wasn't gonna let the Indians screw it up though. With two outs he just kept walking people and giving the Tribe a shot to knock him out.

Guits had the big slam in the first and there really wasn't much looking back.

See, in previous nights, when we don't score, I highlight a player or two that did good.

Now... I can just run down the lineup and all the contributions.

Gutierrez obviously knocked in half the runs with the slammage. Garko went 1-3 with a nice RBI double that he took the other way. That was a Shark Double we are used to seeing, so it's a real good sign.

Francisco had the other official RBI with the sac fly in the first.

The other runs were scored in the sixth in some more unorthodox methods.

The first was a error by Paul Konerko, where Jamey Carroll seemingly grounded out to end the inning. A run scored on the play and it was more of that taking advantage of the chances the White Sox gave them.

The next run came on a TRIPLE STEAL.

Yes.. You've heard double steal before, but never Triple. In an oddity of a play, Chicago funky-armer Ehren Wassermann got ready to throw to Francisco with 2 out and a 3-2 count.

Then all of a sudden he threw to first. It very well could have been a balk, that is a sort of cheap move on his part. Just throw to home, you know they are off and running with the pitch.

The White Sox would pay for getting cute. Konerko instead of chasing down Carroll and letting Dellucci score on the play threw to home to get Dellucci as a dead duck, but catcher Toby Hall dropped the ball, and everybody was safe.

Yes, stolen bases all around, Dellucci steals home and Ehern Wasserman looks real dumb.

Side Note.. Andy Marte hit a double and got a standing ovation. I too stood up and clapped. It almost went out, but I'll settle for big double off the wall.

Hitting is contagious.

Laffey the Magician: He wasn't the joker tonight, but rather a worker of magic.

He caught a break with one unearned run early. A error by Cabrera(but not his fault, Garko got blinded by the sun), let the White Sox get a few hits together to score some runs.

Laffey had a lot of defensive let downs though, but he managed to pick his teammates up. He did walk 2 and give up 7 hits, so he had guys on base a lot. He did a great job of getting out of jams with the pop up though.

That ERA keeps getting prettier. It's now down to 1.59 and Laffey is putting together one hell of a fill in campaign. He exactly been Fausto like... But he is doing the same thing Carmona did last year.

Tomorrow Jake Westbrook returns from the DL to face one of the breakout youngsters for the White Sox, Gavin Floyd.


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