Cabrera Man of the Hour and Wedge is Unhappy

Here are some more tidbits and facts from Cabrera and not only his Triple Play, but his home run.

The home run came with the aid of the Pink Bat. Drubby signed up to use one on Mother's Day and he had only one more shot to use it because MLB wouldn't let him use it in the second game of the double header.

Sure enough, the one at bat he gets with it, he jacks the ball out of the park. I didn't notice it at the time, but now that I remember his bat was lighter.

For the record, Garko also used the pink bat, but he used it from the get-go. He ended up sawing it off in his third at bat I believe. Rick Manning joked that he wasn't doing crap with it and when he got his regular one he hit a flyout much deeper.

Now the Triple Play..

As I said yesterday, it was the first unassisted one since 1920 and the first in the regular season since 1909. The Indians turned a triple play 5-4-3 last year and Cabrera had a part in that one too.

But, what did Cabrera do with the ball?

"You know what he did?" said first-base coach Luis Rivera, who acts as an interpreter for Cabrera. "He flipped it into the stands! I was like, 'Oh no! Give it back!'" (Indians.com)

How about that? I'm all for being cool. But you did do something only 13 other players in the history of the game have done. That is turn an unassisted triple play.

Wedge on the other hand wasn't too happy with the performance in the second game and he also wrote the triple play off as nothing.

"It's a triple play," snapped manager Eric Wedge after the game. "I'm not going to talk about it. We didn't win the game."

Ouch... He then went on to blast the entire team.

"Our approach was as poor, if not the poorest, I've seen here all year," said Wedge. "There's no excuse. We gave away at bats all night long. Their kid [Marcum] is a helluva pitcher, but we gave away at bats all night."

I thought Marcum pitched pretty well. He did have bases loaded with two outs that he got out of. But still, a guy doesn't get that low of an ERA by luck and hitters giving up every at bat to him.

Once again I want to criticize Wedge for taking Marte out AGAIN. Seriously guy, let the guy hit in a pressure situation, stop trying to baby the kid. What did Casey Blake do? Struck out on Four pitches. BRILLIANT Wedge..

PHOTO: Chuck Crowe (Plain Dealer)

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