Tribe Let One Slip Away

What a sucky game to lose.

Offense Leaves Golden Chances On the Table: Another game with a lot of men on base, but the were a lot of blown RISP chances with less than two outs.

The first was in the first inning after the Indians already put two on the table. Dellucci struck out with a guy at third and no outs, and then Jhonny Peralta hit a wicked shot to third that was snared by Joe Crede. The good thing was Dellucci put up a lot of pitches in the AB and Peralta did hit it hard, so you can't really complain about the chance.

However later in the 9th inning is where you have to be disappointed. A Crede error and a Sizemore walk allowed Carroll to put down his second sacrifice in the game to get runners on second and third with one out.

Francisco who lost his 7 game hit streak immediately popped the ball up on the infield, and Victor Martinez saw a couple of pitches before he flied out to the short stop in shallow left.

Just a couple of failed opportunities killed this team. I know there was some funky business by the bullpen today, but when you get the runs up there on the table, you need to get them in. They did it yesterday perfectly and early in the first the aggressiveness was really getting them some runs.

P-Gun went deep again today, and it finally was with someone on base. Dellucci doubled in Martinez and Vic had the infield single that scored a run. Gavin Floyd's early error let the first run score.

Jake OK in Return: Jake Westbrook was decent in his return. He cruised through the first three innings, allowing the hit to Dye but getting the double play. Dye touched him up in the 4th on a sinker that didn't really sink that much, They would add two more in the 5th inning via Punch AJ and Carlos Quentin and some great situational hitting.

That duo was at it again in the 7th to give the White Sox the final lead. Doubles by each AJ and Quentin brought home 3 runs.

Jake went 5 giving up 3 earned and striking out 3. The Andy Marte error in the 7th really opened up the doors for that big 3 run inning against Betancourt.

An off day tomorrow.. Only two games won on this six game home stand. Now we go on the road, where the hitting has been a little better(cough casey blake cough) for the longest trip of the year.

Friday it is Cliff Lee and Gil Meche in Kansas City.


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