Another Yankee-Sabathia Rumor

MLBTradeRumors has picked up on a Yankee Writer and his silly speculation.

This joker suggests the injury to Victor Martinez is the nail in the coffin for the Indians.
A painful swing by the Cleveland Indians’ Víctor Martínez on Wednesday could have significant ramifications for the Yankees. An elbow injury to Martínez all but ended the Indians’ flickering playoff hopes, and will probably lead to a trade of the ace left-hander C. C. Sabathia. (NY Times)
I'd love nothing more than to prove this guy wrong... This team has a lot of heart and talent, even without Victor Martinez. Hell, the guy hasn't been hitting these past few weeks anyway.

It's now time to step up if I'm any player on the Indians. This could be a shot in the arm for them, not a shot in the chest. I'm not ready to give up on them yet, no way, no how.

I won't even bother commenting on this dude's speculation. If we traded C.C. Sabathia, I'd like to think Shapiro has half a mind to not trade him to a team like the Yankees, no matter their package. There has to be another team out there that would want him just as bad.

Stick to what you know buddy, don't stick your nose in a place that doesn't belong. As long as we have the pitching we have, we are not out of this race.

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