Cliff Lee will break your face; Indians Clobbertime

The follow segment is brought to you by Cliff Lee and his dagger eyes.

Cliff Goes Five; Then Goes Off: Cliff Lee certainly didn't have his greatest outing of the year, but Tim Timmons didn't exactly help him out.

Cliff got upset at the very small strikezone Timmons was using. He let him know. He ended up putting another man on after a questionable call. Clifford then struck out Chris Shelton on three pitches and had a few choice words for Timmons as he trotted off the mound.

He could then be seen in the dugout ^^^, staring daggers through Timmons and pushing over Gatorade coolers.

Cliff did okay. I really dislike Texas and their stadium. Silly fly balls become home runs, and it just is a nightmare to pitch in. the entire stadium should be knocked down and reconstructed.

I know it seems harsh.. But, this isn't baseball. The winning team is scoring 10+ runs in every game this series. It's stupid.

Then you got the tight strike zones to boot.

Cliff went five, gave up 9 hits, a few walks, 6 runs and struck out 8. His ERA grew to 2.47, but he picked up his 9th win.

Cabrera Leaves Game: Asdrubal left the game with a "mild hip strain". We should find out tomorrow what's up with him, and if a DL stint is in the works, Josh Barfield will be on his way up.

Garkoooooo: The Shark had himself a night.

I had a good feeling about him tonight, so I un-benched him in every league I had him in(which is just about every fantasy league I'm in this year).

Ryan went 4-5 with a walk and six runs batted in. What's funny is all his hits were singles up the middle or through the hole.

THAT is Ryan Garko my friends. I think it's safe to say Garko is turning it around. He didn't hit like 2 home runs because of the Texas atmosphere, but four singles the hard way. That gives me a good enough reason to think he is on his way back.

Victor had a hit and knocked in two runs, he just missed his first home run of the year once again. Keep it up big guy, it will come.

Benny Fresh had himself a night, and was kind of overshadowed by Garko.

Francisco did a lot of the heavy lifting. He collected five hits, almost had six on a hard line drive to Marlon Byrd, which would have equaled the Indians record of 6(which Omar Vizquel did a few years back in New York). He also knocked in a run.

David Dellucci hit a home run and knocked in three, also went 2-4. Casey Blake went 2-5 with a run batted in, and Grady had an RBI as well.

Tomorrow this insane series comes to an end.. C.C. Sabathia takes on a guy he owes a lot of his success as a pitcher to, Kevin Millwood.


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