Complete Injury Update for the Sick

Okay... Hopefully this is the last time I will have to do this until Monday.

Fausto Carmona threw a bullpen session for the first time. 35 pitches and it went very well. He will throw a 50 pitch session on Saturday if all goes well these next few days.

Jake Westbrook's Tommy John surgery went fine and he is on his way back to Cleveland to start his recovery. It will be a long road back for Jake, good luck to him.

The Indians are targeting the next home stand as Travis Hafner's return date. He is still taking his hacks in the batting cages for now. He'll get evaluated over the weekend and probably sent out on a rehab assignment come early next week.

Josh Barfield could need surgery on his finger, which is out of place. He will visit a specialist in Baltimore on Monday to have it looked at. Josh always has a smile on though, and his splint is causing him to drop the deuce on people.

"That's the worst part," Barfield said with a smile. "I'll have to keep my hand in the car when I'm driving." (Indians.com)

And finally.. Victor Martinez will have his arthroscopic elbow surgery today. Vic has floating bodies in his elbow that is causing him discomfort and pain in the elbow. I always say you need to fix these things before they become a problem, now because of it they lose him for more than they should have. As much as Vic is a gamer, you can't let him go out there and play through an injury like this.

So far though, their replacements are doing great jobs, and I'm convinced that Jamey Carroll playing during interleague might not be that bad of a thing. He knows the NL probably better than anyone on our team after playing there most of his career and most recently.

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