Expect Bradley to feel the heat tonight

I wouldn't be surprised if an Indians pitcher gave Milton Bradley some heat tonight, or even tomorrow.

CastroTurf's "Excruciating Minutia of the Day" is rather informative...
"Milton Bradley is not a very popular guy in the Indians' clubhouse. He stared down Victor Martinez in the dugout after drawing a walk last night and again when he came around to score. And when he hit a homer off Rafael Perez; he made a yawning gesture while crossing the plate."
By now you know my feelings on ex-players like Milton. I didn't have nice words toward BP, and I certainly have nothing kind to say towards Milton Bradley, who is the king of all hotheads. He clearly hasn't matured one ounce since leaving Cleveland, and credit Eric Wedge and Mark Shapiro to give up on him when they did.

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