Gatorade Bath for Jamey Carroll in Indians Series Win

Looks like Paul Byrd is trying to start a little bit of a rallying cry. He dumped some Gatorade on Jamey Carroll after his 4-4 performance tonight. He didn't do it on camera, and it doesn't exactly have a "rally pie" effect or anything, but credit to him for actually trying.

Lose 2 Starters, Score 12 Runs: Why not?

Maybe it was the wakeup call this club needed. Your two best hitters are now on the DL, it's time to step up.

Jamey Carroll stepped up in fact. Just in time with the interleague play starting tomorrow.

Carroll was 8-9 in the series, and 4-4 tonight with a HBP, a run and a run batted in.

In fact, I think "Sparkplug" would be a good nickname. That's all he was tonight.

Ben Francisco handled his new role pretty well. He'll probably see most of the time in the 3 hole, and he did a good job. He too had 4 hits, knocking in 3 runs and scoring once.

Everyone had a hit tonight, minus Garko, who is granted a little bit of a break after he carried our offense. He better get it back up there though. No more of this inconsistent stuff.

Grady was 2-5 with the home run, and of course the big jack came off the bat of Shin-Soo Choo. He was 2-4 with the 3 runs scored, the 3 runs batted in and the walk.

Most satisfying performance comes from Kelly Shoppach. We are gonna need that type of production from him(okay not quite, but every once and awhile it wouldn't hurt) with Vic out. He went 2-4 as well with two runs knocked in.

Best offensive performance of the year, considering it was our park, not that silly field in Texas, and our highest hit total of the year. Plus the production came from EVERYONE. Garko, Dellucci and Blake were the only starters without RBIs.

Aaaaaron: I love this kid.. We need to start seeing him more. He has young and some spunk, he has some fire and he likes to yap.

I prefer him over the negative sounding Jeremy Sowers who looks like someone just stole his brownie.

Anyway, another solid outing. Six innings, five hits, one walk, one run and the four punchouts. His ERA is down to 2.83 and he is now 4-3.

Speaking of Sowers.. He pitches tomorrow as we restart interleague play. First on deck is one of my favorite National League teams, the San Diego Padres. I started a poll on the right side, and it involves a few former Indians and current Padres.

Brian Giles, Jody Gerut and Kevin Kouzmanoff all roll into town this weekend with the Padres. Which former Tribe player are you looking forward to seeing? Also throw in Jeff Kent and Omar Vizquel.

I'm sure Vizquel will win the vote. But, my vote goes to Jody Gerut due to my ever lasting man crush on him. I'm excited to see him doing well, and unfortunately our lefty stacked rotation might mean we won't see much of him, but I'm glad we get to play him.

Anyway, Josh Banks and Sowers tomorrow..


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