The Gray Hair Watch is on for Eric Wedge

I've joked about Eric Wedge aging because of this season, but there is some truth to this whole matter.

Sorry for the silly cell phone picture, but my digital camera is dead right now. Still you can see the bottom of his goatee has turned completely white, compared to just a little gray back in October.

Coaches I think age over time more than regular people. They are always stressed out. You can take a side by side of a coach now and from say 5 years ago and he will look completely different.. Do it with a regular person with a nice job and I'm pretty sure they will look similar.

I really feel bad for Eric Wedge. Guy doesn't know what to do at this point and it literally is making him older than he actually is. Remember this is a 40 year old man. He's gonna look like a grandpa by the time he's 45.

Hell, Jamie Moyer is 45 and still playing. Eric Wedge looks like he's ready to head off to the old folks home.

Eric... Take some time to kick back man. I don't want your kids to see you without your normal hair color. That's embarrassing for a youngin.

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