MLB Draft Coverage: Today!

We haven't talked about the draft here at all. The Indians pick 29th, which is a very nice position to be in if you aren't picking high of course.

Anyway, today is the MLB Draft. It starts at 2:00 P.M on ESPN2. I will do my best to post our first pick right as it happens, and over the first day, gather up any information I can on all our picks.

Tomorrow is Day 2, but unfortunately I'll be on my way to the Pocono mountains for the NASCAR race this weekend. That also means no game recaps this weekend, because I won't be able to see the games. However I'll do what I can concerning the draft when I get there tomorrow.

I don't have any idea who or what we might be targetting. I haven't paid much attention, and the MLB draft is not like the NFL or NBA draft. There isn't a whole lot of mocks or discussion on picks past the top ten or so.

Here are a few links and tidbits I've gathered up.

MLB.com/Jonathan Mayo: Josh Fields, RHP
No, not that Josh Fields of the White Sox, but a reliever from Georgia.

Baseball America: Ryan Perry, RHP
Another right handed pitcher.

My MLB Draft: Allan Dykstra, 1B
First baseman from Wake Forest

Speaking of young players.. Ryan Edell had a perfect game going for seven innings.

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