What time is it? Uh.. 2 Game Win Streak Time!

It's actually 1:30 in the morning...

What the..

I'm firmly behind this being a response to Victor Martinez going on the DL... This could be the turning point in our season ladies and gents.

Hot of the Grizzle: Super Sizemore is starting to feel that home run struck.

He did another one of those dandy lead-off jacks and then went deep later in the game.

Let's see.. 7:00 was the first one and the next one didn't come till like... hours later?

So, Grady, 2-3 with the two jacks, 3 rbi and a walk.

Sparkplug continued to get it done.. 3-5 and his biggest hit was in the 8th inning with the bases loaded. His RBI single pretty much sealed the deal.

Ben Francisco was productive, going 1-4 and also having that sac fly in the 8th.

Ryan Garko got back on track with a 2-4 night, he also walked.

Shin-Soo Choo was probably the most important player tonight though.. Choo knocked in the tying and go ahead run in the 6th..

Kelly Shoppach's hit and run home run was a joy to watch.. Way to go buddy..

Everyone but Dellucci had a hit.. Time to bench this guy, he ain't getting it done..

Man Crush: Did you see my boy out there in center field today? Welcome back Jody!

Tomorrow Cliff Lee will go for win 11 against... Cha Seung Baek? This ain't your momma's Padre pitching staff. Avoid Peavy, Young on the DL.. Damn..


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