Eight Straight For the Tribe, Kelly Shoppach your thoughts?

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It has become very tiresome..

Another lead blown, but this time it was Cliff Lee of all people.

It must be wearing off on the guy.. He just had a very bad 7th inning. I know you can look at Marte's play say well look he cost us an out at least and that would have prevented at least one run.

Big deal.. Cliff wasn't hitting the zone, he gave up the hits. I think he was out of gas for the most part.

Whatever, the good news is that Cliff Lee will be starting the MLB All-Star game for the American League in a week..

The other good news is Grady Sizemore is going with him.. He was big today going 2-4 with that bunt hit.

Garko had the first RBI and Jhonny had the monster two run shot. Hey Hey Marte got his second straight start and he hit the ball hard for the most part. He even batted 8th! He got stuck with the 0-3 though.

By the By, the Video is of Kelly Shoppach expressing his frurstration after missing a ball. Not exactly Underwood, "Puts it in his Ball Sack" caliber, but fun nonetheless.

Tomorrow is an off-day.. We got a good matchup on Tuesday against the Tigers.. I don't expect him to be traded by then, so we'll see C.C. and Justin Verlander perhaps for the last time matchuping like they like to do.


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