Indians Sign Jeff Weaver

Oh boy..

Morgan Ensberg, Juan Rincon, Jorge Julio, and now Jeff Weaver.

All in all, the guys that the Indians have signed to minor league deals have had some good years in the Major Leagues.

The problem is..

Well Uh the HAD some good years.

Anyway.. In case you haven't figured it out. The Indians signed Jeff Weaver (31) to a minor league deal.

Uh he'll go to Buffalo. They have relievers starting for now. But apparantly this is for when C.C. is traded if Fausto hasn't come back yet.

He won't finish the year on the roster, if he even makes it.

Speaking of C.C. here are some more links on him..

Echoing what was said earlier about Shapiro not rebuilding. Hey look someone said something about Jake Westbrook... I wonder who that is.

Doug Melvin the Brewers GM is very open about their pursuit for C.C.

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