Matt Ginter Is Effective, Can Someone Tell Me What K-Rod Is Doing?

I really--rehhheeellly thought this team had a little comeback in them, especially with the starter Weaver going out after three innings.

Darren Oliver and the young Jose Arredondo shut it down long enough to get the ball to Shields and K-Rod.

Weaver was just not finding the zone at all tonight and when he did the Indians hitters got some good licks in on him. If only Choo's deep drive did something, he really got a piece of a ball with two guys on, but it was a simple fly ball.

Matt Ginter pitched a real good game. Here is what I love about Ginter's outing... He gave up the seven hits, but he didn't walk anyone in his six innings. He only struck out one, but he got hitters out or made them earn their bases.

Ginter made the Angels earn all three of those runs.

Hats off to Matt... I hope some team gives him a shot, he deserves it, he did well in these two starts.

Offense wise.. It was a struggle sir. Asdrubal Cabrera had a good night with two hits. Grady provided that lead-off home run, which puts him one behind Kenny Lofton for the most in Indians history. He also stole his 24th base. So 24-24 for number 24.

Hey Wedge.. Why you hitting Dellucci late for Franklin? 1-10 as a pinch hitter, Franklin had the big triple. Give the kid a shot you dork.

Now I questioned the Ryan Garko pinch hit for Carroll and I still kind of do. But I'll give Garko some credit. He battled up there the best he could.

Hey loook at that duo there in the 7th and 8th.

Juan Rincon pitches a perfect 8th, throwing only 14 pitches(10 of them for strikes) and Rafael Betancourt pitched a slow but effective 7th with 23 pitches(18 of them for strikes).

If those guys can do that.. Man.

You know I really don't care what he does, because he's damn effective and he has 41 saves. But is K-Rod talking to someone in the air? Hes banging his chest and then looking up to the sky and just talking till he goes for the handshakes. I wonder what he's talking in too.. You think any of the Angels players have caught on to it? I'd love to know whats up there.

Either way.. If I could throw a curveball that dipped the minute it hit the plate, I'd be talking to the sky too. "SHAMALAMA BASEBALL GODS, THANK YOU FOR MY CURVEBALL! ANDY MARTE CANT HANDLE THIS! SAL FASANO HAS AN AWESOME MUSTACHE, PLEASE GIVE ME THAT NEXT!"

An afternoon start tomorrow... 3:30 start for Aaron Laffey and John Lackey. Should be a good one to watch, let's see if The Joker can get himself on track.


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