Morning Update: Carmona To Start Saturday

"It's something we've definitely been looking forward to," manager Eric Wedge said of Carmona's return. "Obviously, he's a big part of our starting rotation. To have him back should be a big boost for us." (Indians.com)

Who else but Fausto?!

That's right.. Fausto Carmona has been cleared to come off the DL and make a start on Saturday provided his side session goes well today (and who are we kidding, it will). Matt Ginter will be making his final start tonight against the Angels. It should be a big boost for the Tribe to get their Fausto Man back..

Carmona will be donning a new era when he returns. It's the era of him being the Cleveland Ace with CC Sabathia gone.

I mean what can you say about Matt Ginter though? This will be his last start, but maybe he opened up another clubs eyes on him enough to give him a shot?

"You always want to think you've got a chance," Ginter said. "I went [into the season] with the mind-set that I could make a good impression on them." (Indians.com)

He did a good job, and hopefully he has one more left in him.

I'm really feeling for Josh Barfield now that Cabrera is aback with the team. The timing of that injury couldn't have been more rotten. Now he probably won't be starting every day unless they send him back to Buffalo, which would be downright cruddy.

"I just want to get back out there playing," Barfield said. (Indians.com)

Barfield is with the team and he will begin to hit off the tee soon. He's a matter of weeks away from returning.

Speaking of injuries, Victor Martinez might find himself in that every fifth day benching like he was last year. At least he won't start at Catcher every day, which isn't so bad for him coming off the elbow surgery.

Kelly Shoppach and Cliff Lee have really clicked and Lee has been really pleased with the job Kelly has done. Shoppach could become his personal catcher and his offensive output is just more helpful to that. Victor could get more time at first base in those situations, which really like I said, isn't such a bad idea. Especially with Garko struggling.

Mark Shapiro isn't expecting to spend much on Free Agents, even with CC Sabathia and Paul Byrd's contracts coming off the books. There is roughly 20 million less that they had this year that they won't have to worry about next year. Not to mention Casey Blake's six million which is the second highest yearly salary on the team aside from Travis Hafner and Jake Westbrook.

One thing is for sure.. This team will sign a starting pitcher in some capacity. Be it a project or just a veteran that can get them through most of the season until Jake Westbrook is ready, if he is ready. Depending on what Andy Marte does and what happens with Peralta, they could bring in a veteran at third for a year. Other than that, I wouldn't expect much. I wouldn't even expect a first baseman signing, despite what Hoynes said about Garko. He brought up an interesting name though.

Jim Thome anyone?

Speaking of Shapiro. Mark was not happy about Grady Sizemore playing 10 innings in the All-Star Game.

"I didn't like Grady [Sizemore] having to play 10 innings," said Shapiro, referring to his center fielder. "But you can't expend energy on it. You can't blame the manager, but what are you going to do? (Plain Dealer)

While Casey Blake is being brought up about his impending free agency, Anthony Castrovince puts the market to Blake's trade value.

"You don't trade a guy just for the sake of trading him. It's questionable how much Blake would pull in, and he could potentially remain in the mix with the Indians if they can sign him to a short-term deal.

All that being said, several teams -- including the Dodgers, Mets and Twins -- appear to have some interest in Blake. Nothing appears imminent at the moment." (Indians.com)

Why the hell not? We can't continue to move on with this guy as a starter. Casey is great to have as a utility player at this point, but this offensive output will not last. We need to move on. His value will never be higher.

The Mets are certainly interested.. At least Omar Minaya is.. According to Jon Heyman of SI, Minaya is a big fan of Blake. Quick do they still have Scott Kazmir? Oh no? Well uh.. How about any other blue-chip prospect? Quickly now, let's go make a deal here before he remembers he traded for Victor Zambrano. Seriously, did he think he was getting Carlos?

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