Morning Update: C.C. To Milwaukee Picking Up Steam

The most speculated team to get C.C. Sabathia so far is probably the Milwaukee Brewers. There have been plenty of rumors and speculation posted here, but nothing of the magnitude of what we've heard with Milwaukee.

There's been so much talk that there are even prospects being named at this point. The prize is former Gator outfielder Matt LaPorta. LaPorta played first and some third for Florida, but Milwaukee has him as an outfielder. That would be the place he would play if he does indeed become a Cleveland Indian.

Another name mentioned in the first link is third baseman Taylor Green. Getting a third baseman or second baseman in a level like Single A would be ideal for me.

Dennis Nosco has a fine write up from the Cleveland fan in how the Indians could land a Colon-type package for C.C. You can't disagree with his evidence. He also notes guys that the Indians should get in return if a trade with the Brewers comes to be.

If the Indians do get LaPorta in the deal, it is said that Alcides Escobar, a talented shortstop will not be apart of the deal.

That brings us to the Dodgers part of that link. Los Angeles doesn't have the caliber prospect of Milwaukee, but we all know with guys like Loney, Kemp, Martin, Ethier, LaRoche and DeWitt coming up in the past few years, they certainly know how to grow them. They would have to give up three really good players, instead of say two great players that Milwaukee would.

Also from that first link. Mark Shapiro was naming names..

"Brian Slocum is out of options next year and we've got to find out about him," said Shapiro. "We have to see more of Edward Mujica. At sometime Asdrubal Cabrera will be back up. We've got to figure out what Ryan Garko is going to be. We need to get Jeremy Sowers to improve." (Plain Dealer)

There you go.

Also, an interesting quote from Shapiro.

"I'd like to think at some point an opportunity presents itself to give him regular at-bats," said Shapiro. "If not, it will be tough to factor him for next year." (Plain Dealer)

Wedge was on the same line saying there was too much going on right now and that they wanted to see how things shake out.

I think the writing is on the wall and Casey Blake is as good as gone before the deadline.

To make it aboslutely positively clear though.. This is no rebuilding thing. This is a setback and Shapiro and company are going to be ready to compete in 2009.

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