Morning Update: Deadline Looming For Blake Deal

As you know, tomorrow will be the one week mark for the Trade Deadline. Teams will be starting to fire up the trade discussions and two deals already got done yesterday.

The Indians are of course a prime team to trade some people. The most valuable being Casey Blake. But, for whatever reason, all quiet on that front. I'm going to be really upset with Shapiro if he doesn't move him before the deadline.

Here is what has come through the pipeline on Blake.

Jon Heyman says both New York teams are interested in Blake.

Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus
has the Mets as well, but also adds in the Twins and the Rays as the top suitors. Would the Twins be willing to trade a prospect in-division? He also said that the Indians are just listening to all the offers. Well that's sort of encouraging. I don't think Shapiro is in any hurry to trade Blake away, which is baffling and just frustrating.

The infatuation with this club and Blake has gone on long enough. He's done a lot of good things, but it's time to move on.

Tim Brown
(Not the former Raider Receiver) of Yahoo! Sports has Blake on the list of players the Indians are listening to offers for. But he also has Jamey Carroll and Paul Byrd. No surprise on Byrd, but I don't think Carroll is going anywhere. Jhonny Peralta's name also came up, but it would take one hell of an offer for Shapiro to give up on Peralta, especially with the way he's hitting this year.

As for Casey Blake.. He's hit in every spot in the lineup except lead-off this year.. Last year he did it all except the four hole or three hole(and leadoff) I believe. I'd never put it past Wedge to hit him lead-off though. He's that crazy in love.

Wedge want's to keep Jhonny Peralta fresh, so he gave him the day off yesterday and you could see it happen again soon. I'd imagine he would give Peralta a DH start rather than sit him though.

"We'll give him two out of the next three days off [with Thursday's off-day]," Wedge said. "It's a good time to get him a day off. There are days we'll give him from time to time here in the second half to keep him strong and keep him going." (Indians.com)

Peralta has done nothing but knock in runs since getting put in the clean-up spot.

"When you hit fourth, you know there are going to be people on base," Peralta said. "I've been concentrating on every at bats. Right now, it's been good for me." (Plain Dealer)

A kind gesture by Paul Byrd to Masa Kobayashi the other day.

He gave him a t-shirt that said "I'm Huge In Japan." I'm sure you've seen the ad for it on Snorg T's or someone wearing it around. It has an alternative meaning, that I'll let you figure out, but Masa was wearing it around the clubhouse.

Kobayashi is doing a good job closing out games for now, but Wedge wasn't quick to rule out Rafael Perez having a shot. But he doesn't seem to want to do that, because of Perez's value as a left-hander and not having another viable one to use in situations that may need it.

"If we had a closer who can do the job," Wedge said, "I don't care if he's right-handed or left-handed."

"Ideally, you'd like to have somebody else to close," Wedge said. "Because otherwise you're searching for another lefty who might not be as good." (Indians.com)

You could see Fausto Carmona pointing to the camera with a wild smile on his face in one of the ending clips to the game last night if you stayed up.. Neadless to say, he's happy to be back and is cleared to make his return on Saturday.

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