Morning Update: Ozzie Guillen Must Be Loving This

I know he is just being nice to Mark Shapiro.. But Ozzie Guillen probably doesn't want the Indians to break up this awful team.

Now obviously, there will be no complete break up.. Guys will get traded, but there is no rebuilding going on here.

Say what you want about Ozzie Guillen, but I can never say anything bad about the respect he's showed our club. He's always said good things and has even drooled over Grady Sizemore at numerous points. I'm not his biggest fan, but I always respect his opinion about our team.

As pointed out yesterday, Tom Mastny called up and Scott Elarton on the Restricted List due to "Personal Reasons." Wedge simply said he has some personal stuff to deal with. I wouldn't expect a real reason.

CastroTurf is a quick reader. Looks like he pounded out Paul Byrd's book already and has a recap.

Because it's what you want to read, here is a quote about his HGH use.

"I hadn't tried to cheat or disrespect the game," Byrd writes. "I hadn't thrown the baseball any harder during the times I supplemented with growth hormone ... but I did enjoy sleeping more than four to five hours a night and I think that rest helped me recover and throw bullpens like a normal Major League Baseball pitcher."

Here's some quick stats on the roll C.C. Sabathia has been on.

New Mailbag
and interesting quote from Castrovince again..

He said that the Indians might be willing to go as high as 5 years-20 million per. That's a 100 million for the big guy.

If that ain't enough.. I don't know what is.. He gets an extra year as previously offered, he gets 20 million a year. He's gonna be a 100 million dollar pitcher.

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