Morning Update: Pack It Up Pack It In

First off.. I wanted to mention it last night, but was too upset that I forgot.

If you haven't watched Sportscenter one of the 4 million times that it was on from the we hours to now.. Make sure you see it before they stop airing it. They are playing the My Wish Segment with the Indians and the young kid Alonso Frogosso who got his wish granted.

The Indians went ALL OUT for the kid. He got to do everything from take bating practice and warm up with Grady, beat the drum with John Adams and even announce an inning of players. He called up Ben Francisco who hit a home run and he even got to see the Indians win in his first game. Got a few wrist bands from his favorite player Victor Martinez and the fans even asked for his autograph after the game from the players parking lot. Big Props to our fans for that, that's special stuff right there.

It's a great story... If you missed it you can go here to view the video. It's one of the great thing ESPN does every summer and one of the few things I look forward to.

With that.. Let's get to some more depressing news.

Ryan Garko is confident that he's still hitting the ball hard like he was a few weeks ago. But that they are just landing in different spots. I think he may be right, but whatever. It's no excuse.

Our worst nightmare is happening. Jhonny Peralta is solidifying Eric Wedge's assement that he was a middle of the order run producer. Lord help us all.

Speaking of Eric Wedge and ridiculous comments. He isn't ready to concede the division. Then again you are the manager, you can't really concede anything. Still. It's over, pack it up and pack it in boys. Let's start playing the players who are apart of our future.

I don't really know what Terry Pluto was trying to say in this article.. But uh you can read it.

Wedge got critical of his two young outfielders after Monday's game. Shin-Soo Choo left his feet for a ball he shouldn't have and Ben Francisco took too wide of a turn and got picked off first after a hit.

Also from there, Tom Mastny didn't get to the game till the third inning. Which was evident by him running to the bullpen in the middle of the game. His flight got delayed.

Ozzie Guillen continues to praise our players.. He said C.C. would still pitch in a game if he was "in a bullring." I guess that's a compliment..

Paul Cousineau of the Cleveland Fan and fellow Tribe Blog The Diatribe(check the right side), is packing it in as well.

Joe Borowski.. Sum it up for us brotha.

"This is not fun."

Indeed it is not.

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