Morning Update: We got Matt Ginter, Not Keith Ginter

What the french..toast...

That commercial has always confused me.

Lead off with CastroTurf stuff.. AC had some great stats.. or awful depending on how you look at it, on some of the struggling Tribe players..

Also..Matt Ginter will start on Saturday.. That will be fun.. I never thought I'd see the day when the RAYS would be out there with a legit starter and the Indians were throwing out...... MATT GINTER! Let's not confuse MATT Ginter with KEITH Ginter.. Keither is the Ginter with 140 career RBI.. Matt is the Ginter with a career ERA of 5.46. Also, you can buy Matt's Baseball-Reference page for ten bucks.. To my knowledge.. They are not related, and Matt isn't the one that was with Morgan Ensberg and Aaron Miles when they wrestled those robbers to the ground.

Now that is probably the longest paragraph I've written on this site.. and it was about the Not-Ginter Brothers. What has become of this team?!

The next Bobby Howry success story could be happening here if you ask me.

Juan Rincon was one of that studs out of the Minnesota Bullpen a few years ago.. The last two years he's been.. well not good.

"My last time out [Monday], I was able to throw all my pitches for strikes," he said. "That's a huge comeback. The last time I pitched in a big league game was a month ago, and when you don't pitch for a week to 10 days [before signing with the Tribe], it's tough. So I'm pleased to be back."

This is a no risk shot and if it works, we have a quality set-up guy.. Its worked in the past with guys like Howry, but not with guys like Danny Graves. You never know and it doesn't hurt to take a chance with this season being a lost one.

Can we re-sign Casey in the off-season as the team jester?

"There's no steroids on this team," Blake told Rincon with a laugh. "We're a steroid-free team over here." (Plain Dealer)

Blake was joking with his old pal Rincon when he arrived in Detroit for the game yesterday. Juan and Casey were friends from their time with an Edmonton team.

"I know I'm ruthless, but we're good-enough friends where I can say that," said Blake. "When I played right field for the Indians, Rincon would be sitting in the Twins' dugout giving it to me. When he tested positive, or whatever, I had some ammunition to get back at him."

From the same article, the Indians signed FOUR international players to contracts.

Shortstop Jose Ozoria and right-hander Edward Pinales from the Dominican Republic, third baseman Giovanny Urshella from Colombia and catcher Alex Monsalve from Venezuela. (Plain Dealer)

All are 16 years old and will play for the Domincan Summer League next year.

We aren't sure yet if Cliff Lee is the starter for the AL yet. There was a dry run done at Yankee Stadium for announcing the starters, with the leading vote getters, and the Times ran with the fact that they used Cliff Lee. Terry Francona won't pick his pitcher until Monday.. Hopefully Cliff puts out one more good outting this weekend and keeps that honor.

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