Photoshop Off-Day: The Dark Tribe

So, in honor of the new batman flick, The Dark Knight, being released this past weekend. I didn't intend to make this. Yeah great way to honor it.

BUT, I had the idea of putting Aaron Laffey on a joker playing card. I then remembered this movie was out and decided to check out what kind of movie posters were out there.

One thing lead to another, like it always does. I'm proud of this, it isn't my best work, but I think it's one of my better ideas. Yes, I'm full of myself. But all my good ideas usually come when I'm not trying to think of them.

What does Fausto and Cliff have to do with Batman and Harvey Dent?

Absolutely nothing. But who cares?

If you didn't see the movie yet, you really should. I did and the batman flicks are even the cup of tea. Very good stuff.

You may now kill me.

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