Sal Fasano Knows How To Bunt

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I rest my case people.. Look at that get down the line! I swear I'm not sure Vlad Guerrero couldn't throw him out at first on a hard one hopper to right field.

I will defend Andy Marte on that one.. I'd be pretty shocked too if Sal Fasano dropped down a bunt.

I'm really not phased by this latest lost..

I fully expected to come on here to talk about a win.. But that wasn't the case at all. Rafael Betancourt continues to unravel before our very eyes. I think its time to get what we can for him, because last year was obviously a fluke.

Grady and Peralta have been the two guys we can count on.. 3-5 for Grady with two runs knocked in.. Peralta would have been 2-5 with two knocked in as well but the GRD stole a RBI. Which in turn sort of cost us the game.

I will also say not getting a run with the bases juiced and on one out was pitiful... You would hope that these types of things got covered up with a nice win, but no, Betancourt exposed it all.

Anyway.. Including that bunt, Sal Fasano was 3-4(if Marte advanced it would be a sac and he would be 3-3). He's been awesome with that bat there in his games.

Andy Marte the 2-5 night.. He needs some more time come on Wedge.. Casey needs to go soon, keep this kid in the lineup.

Byrd looked like he was going to give up another lead in the first, but he managed to get out of all the damage he had. Too bad he couldn't snap that winless streak that has now gone a month and three days long. The last win he had was against the Tigers in June.

Tomorrow we get the upstart Rays and it will be a sad sight if their pitchers are on.. Tomorrow it is Andy Sonnanstine the local product against Aaron Laffey.


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