There Something About Marte, Tribe Win Again

To the party Marty!

Again you say?! Again?!

I tell ya what, something's clicking right now, and I like it!

Even though David Freaking Dellucci is hitting fifth, this team is winning. I don't know why...

Dellucci yes, is still getting playing time. It could be for a showcase, but I don't think any team is really that interested. But, how about that at-bat for him today?

Peralta was at second and Dellucci got hit on the foot. Realizing that there is no outs and that Peralta advanced to third because the ball bounced up and away from Mathis, Dellucci acted like it never even hit him.

Great great great great presence of mind there. He would then get the sac-fly to bring him home.

Peralta also went deep again, that gives him 17 on the year. Realizing that Jhonny Peralta was catching up to him in the RBI race, hit a monster shot in the fifth to knock in two. God this guy's value is as high as it ever will be. Someone needs to jump on him soon here.

Then of course..

Marteeeeeeee. He hit an absolute bomb into left field. 2-4 on the night. He's really starting to get some confidence at the dish and find himself.

Paul Byrd did fine.. Lived dangerously like he does most of the time. 5.1 innings with nine hits and just a run and five punch-outs.

Perez pitched 2.2 innings of relief, he made quick work so Wedge stretched him. He did give up the solo shot to Kendrick. Not sure why Wedge didn't bring in Eddie Cheeks.

Then a great job for Masasan! Strikeout the side my frieeends.

Tomorrow we got that GINTER HEAT coming at us against Jeff Weaver.


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