What Could Have Been: Maicer Izturis

Maicer IzturisMaicer Izturis
Los Angeles Angels

Utility Infielder/Shortstop
5'8" 165 - 9/12/1980
B/T: S/R
Acquired: 1998 Amateur Free Agent
How he got away: Traded to Montreal with Ryan Church for Scott Stewart in 2004

Ah the half-brother of Cesar Izturis, Maicer. Since we are engaged in a series with the Angels, I thought it would be nice to take a look at him. Some say he has better glove work than his gold-glove brother. Would be hard to argue that if you've seen him play. Maicer didn't last long with the Expos then Nationals. Later in 2004 he was traded with Juan Rivera to LA for Jose Guillen. He hit .206 in his 100 some at bats for the Expos with a home run and four RBIs.

Izturis has sort of flourished in LA as a utility player. Maicer can play the infield for the Angels and is a nice insurance policy if a guy like Chone Figgins gets hurt or has to play the outfield for any other injury. However, with the trade of Orlando Cabrera to Chicago, LA can now start him at shortstop most of the time with Willy Aybar.

This year, Iztruis is hitting .267 with 3 home runs and 32 RBI. He's stolen 9 bases and scored 38 runs in 70 games this year.

With the Cleveland Indians oranization he made the Carolina League All-Star Game in 2002. Today, he wouldn't be the starting shortstop, but hey he'd be in the same position he was in with Los Angeles. He'd be a useful utility plpayer. He can play defense, run a little bit and he has a good average. Jamey Carroll is our current utility player, so hey. Which would I have? Maicer is younger and can play shortstop as well. Who knows, I wouldn't mind having Maicer on my team, or this team to boot. Jamey is a veteran though which is what this team needs.

Take a look at what we traded for him though.

Scott Stewart?

Not to mention starting outfielder for the Mets, Ryan Church was in the deal as well. Eventually Church will be covered as well.

Stewart pitched in just 23 games with the Tribe. He had a 7.24 ERA in just 13.7 innings. Ouch.

Was that a bad deal or what? Stewart played for the Dodgers that same year and hasn't been in the majors since.

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