What Could Have Been

What Could Have Been? Well I don't know.

What Could Have Been is the feature where we take a look at former Indian players around the major leagues.

Most of the time we are going to take a look at former Indian farm hands now in the Majors. What Could Have Been will look at their current team, what the Indians team would look like had the player been on it and where they would fit in. I'll also take a look at their current production compared to where they would fit in and who is taking their spot. Not to mention why they are no longer with the club.

Here is the complete archive for What Could Have Been:

7-22-08: Maicer Izturis, LA Angels
8-9-08: Joe Inglett, Toronto Blue Jays
8-13-08: Jeremy Guthrie, Baltimore Orioles
9-9-08: Luke Scott, Baltimore Orioles

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