Bunt-Happy Twins can't top Byrd and Tribe

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, and you record an out.

I think just getting an out was good enough for Paul Byrd when the Twins laid down THREE bunts in a row. Carlos Gomez laid down a bunt for a hit int he third inning. Denard Span followed that up on the next pitch with the same thing. Nick Punto went for the trifecta, but I'm sure his was just what it ended up being, a sacrifice.

Thankfully, Justin Morneau would knock in the run via a Sac Fly and Byrd got Kubel to end the inning with just one run.

No problem for Jhonny Peralta and Kelly Shoppach.

Jhonny Peralta doubled in David Dellucci with one out. After Shin-Soo Choo's at bat, Kelly Shoppach took 3-1 pitch oppo over the baggie in right field for a two run jack. It was Shoppach's 10th extra base hit in his last 11 hits. It was also his 12th home run of the year.. Is 20 out of the question for him? Not with the way he swings.

Peralta knocked in number 60 on the year. He just keeps knocking in runs.. David Dellucci went 3-4 with a two run jack that effectively ended Kevin Slowey's decently pitched game. Damnit he can't do this. Unless that is to increase his value.. Someone take him please!

As for Paul Byrd.. Seven STRONG innings with just two walks, six hits and the one run scored by Gomez. Man some team has to come calling on him, he's pitching well and would be awfuly useful to an NL team like Colorado that could use another starter.

Rafael Perez was perfect in the final two innings, throwing 14 of his 20 pitches for strikes. His ERA is slowly creeping back to under that 3.00 mark.

Tomorrow it is the rubbermatch of this series, and look who's back.. MATT GINTER!! No, not really. It's Francisco Liriano and boy am I mad. Hopefully we can get to him in anyway. Luckily Matt Ginter is in that Paul Byrd mold to where he might be able to throw strikes and get hitters out early if we give him a lead. Yikes.. Either way, it is the ultimate battery tomorrow. SAL FASANO and MATT GINTER... The Super Stache Brothers.. You will soon know, come Thursday!


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