Byrd Soars to Complete Game; Garko Goes Off


Ben Francisco plays the ball off the wall perfectly and throws a strike to nail Overbay!

If it wasn't for Joe Inglett, Paul Byrd would have probably had an easier time in this game.

Not to say this one wasn't easy..

After being down two runs after the first two innings, Byrd got the lead in the 6th and never looked back. Inglett who we profiled just a bit ago had the big game, going 3-4 with a triple and he was a BUG in the hair of Byrd who went the distance with just 6 hits, 0 walks, 0 strikeouts and 2 runs. Just AWESOME. Can we trade him now?

Speaking of bugs in the hair, Ryan GARKO was a pest to Roy Halladay today.. Had he remained benched, the Indians may have no won this game.

Garko had the best ABs I've seen from him this year in one game. He battled in just about all of them and not only did he have a hard out, his hits were perfectly placed. He took a sinker down and lifted it into the alley for a double. He singled the other way on a outside placed pitch. He just was what you were expecting from Garko this year. Not only that, he put the socks down.

Maybe he has turned it around? He looked focus, laying off pitches he was swinging at earlier in the year.

Hey Dellucci, what? 3-4 with an RBI and a walk. Seriously, all our vets are like doing well. Let's trade them while they have value, someone must want them.

Ben Francisco 2-4 including a sac bunt and failed bunt. Why did he bunt the first time?

Andy Marte had the socks up, exact opposite of the Garko Man and he had an RBI.



That's awesome..

Tomorrow, We got OUR Cy Young Contender going out against some guy named Scott Richmond.. Let's try to avoid what happened to the Jays today and get our Cy Young Guy a win and avoid the let down.. AND more importantly, a SWEEEEEEP.


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