Cliff Lee might as well own Canada


Don't it feel good to be talkin' bout a sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Cliff Lee is a pretty good.. When 83 of your 104 pitches are strikes, and you don't give up any runs, you are doing something right. He did give up the 8 hits, but on this turf, that tends to happen. No one got passed 2nd base though and he only managed to strike out one hitter.

8 Innings, That's 17 scoreless against the Blue Jays, 8 hits, no runs, nothing else, just a strikeout. And WIN NUMBA 16.

Its still Early August!

In the 7 games against the Blue Jays, the Indians have given up.. 8 Runs. 8 Runs sir.. Two by Byrd, One by Sabathia. I do believe sirs and madams that is all by the starters.. That is some dominance of Canada if I've ever seen one.

Oh yeah, the eight hits off Lee were by four players. Yes.. Four hitters had two hits. Scutaro, Rios, Overbay and Johnathan Mac.

Then Rafael Perez strikes out the side in the ninth with his awesome back-foot slider. SUCKA..

With that, the offense blew numerous opportunities, but four runs is plenty for Lee today. They had runners on first and second to start the inning FOUR times.

Ryan Garko had two hits, he's the meng again, another RBI. Shin-Soo Choo.. How about it.. Three fastballs up and in and he pulls them all into right field for three doubles. Jhonny Peralta quietly went 1-4 with another RBI. Sir Grizzle got himself a Rib-eye with a 2-5 game.

Bottom of the lineup did some work. Two hits apiece for Droobs and Marty.

Tomorrow? Who cares, we got a sweep! Live for the moment baby. Fausto Man against Dennis Sarfate of the Oeess'.. Back home against Baltimore, I'm sick of the domes!


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