MU: Wedge's Confidence in Perez Growing

"It wasn't like [former Yankees reliever] Sparky Lyle coming out in the fourth inning and running through the ninth," Wedge said. "But we'll take it. I'm very confident in him, I think he's one of the best left-handed relievers in the game. When you look at last year, he was [pitching in the] sixth, seventh and eighth. This year, it's the seventh, eighth and ninth. It's a great experience for him." (Indians.com)

I think it's close to safe to say that Rafael Perez will be the favorite for more of the saves from now on. I think he'll continue to work the two-headed monster, but Perez is just in the zone and you'd be crazy to not let him try. He could very well be the man if the Indians can go out and get another left-hander (Perhaps in-house with Tony Sipp or maybe Will Ohman?) for the bullpen.

One guy he isn't so confident in is Rafael Betancourt, who continues to be a bull-headed son of a bitch of a reliever. I mean come on dude.. The coaching staff tells you to stop using your fastball exclusively. There is nothing as far as a quotable on Rafael Betancourt that I can find, but I think Wedge is visibly po'ed.

"Annoying is a good description of that game," said manager Eric Wedge. "We played almost four hours. Left 13 on. Had the lead early. Had multiple opportunities to take the lead back or at least tie the ball game. We squandered those." (Plain Dealer)

Carl Willis wants the media to stay quiet on the 20-game win talk about Cliff Lee.

"What he's done is focused well from one start to the next," said Willis. "He hasn't gotten too far ahead of himself." (Plain Dealer)

I'm with him.. I don't talk about it. For Lee to win 20 games is up to the offense in my opinion. It really doesn't matter.. If Cliff Lee continues this year he should win the Cy Young Award. Period.

One scout said he wonders why the Indians have waited so long to give Andy Marte a chance.. Well for one, last year he had the job until he got hurt. This year, well.. It makes sense.. They waited too long this year, but whatever. Besides the point.. Scout also said Kelly Shoppach was the best player in that deal.

Quote of the day:

''For me personally, it's been an extremely difficult year offensively. I'm capable of much more. But it's not over, and I'm hoping to put up some better numbers.'' (AKBJ)

Die.... I'll let you guess who said that.

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