Shake Up is Coming: Anthony Reyes and Brendan Donnelly Called Up

So I think the the shake up will continue beyond this. BUT, here are two moves real quick. The Indians sent Tom Mastny down to Buffalo and called up Anthony Reyes. Reyes will probably start this weekend. They need a start because Matt Ginter is headed to the 15 Day DL.

To take Mastny's spot in the bullpen, former World Series reliever Brendan Donnelly will be called up. They still need to make a move for the 40 man roster. No word on that either..

I just hope there's a move coming with Juan Rincon.. Maybe a Paul Byrd trade.. Maybe find a way to get rid of Rafael Betancourt.

More Shake-up to come I hope. I like both these moves.. Hopefull Donelly is right and we can get him back next year.. We need ANOTHER FRIGGIN guy in the pen.

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