Super Update: Byrd happy to be on a Contender

Here is a super-update of sorts.

Akron lost
to Connecticut. Stephen Head picked up two more hits and Steven Wright gave up 3 in 4.1 innings.

Kinston posted a shutout and a 7 run victory. Kelvin De La Cruz, was solid, five innings just three hits. Jerad Head had a 3-run jack in support.

Another Lake County suspension...

Five Mahoning Valley Scrappers are going tot he NY-Penn League All-Star Game. While my voting for Isaias Velasquez paid off, Jeremie Tice didn't make the team.

Velasquez, Lonnie Chisenhall, Robbie Alcombrack, Brock Simpson, and Eric Berger all made the American squad and will representing Mahoning Valley on August 19th.

Mahoning Valley did lost, but Tim Fedroff with 2-3 with a run knocked in.

Speaking of Fedroff, he signed for a $725,000 bonus, which is more than both the 3rd and 4th round picks combined. That goes to show you how much they like this kid and how he could be a much higher pick in years to come. Don't ever say the Indians don't spend money, this is a rarity.

They got a few days to get something done with Haley and Putnam, and they better or else they won't have a shot at him for a few years. Haley is a high-schooler and you wanna get those guys when you can, especially high up.

Tracking Matt LaPorta

The US opened up play this morning against Korea in the Summer Olympics.. Matt LaPorta went 0-4 with a strikeout. Not cool... I'm pretty shocked, the United States lost. Jeff Stevens gave up 2 runs in the 7th inning.

While we are on the subject, don't expect to see Matt LaPorta in the majors this year. I agree with this decision though. Keep him around Akron if they make the playoffs and just let him ride out the year. He's had a hectic few months and I don't think bringing him up to the big leagues is the answer. He has plenty of time to be added to the 40 man, let's wait till next year.

Here is some good news for everyone to read though, straight from the horses mouth.

"It's clear we've got to address our bullpen," said Shapiro, whose club has the fewest saves (19) in the American League. "It's safe to say it's one of our highest priorities." (Plain Dealer)

Mark Shapiro will be making it his highest priority. I just wonder who he is going to put on his list. I'm partial to guys like Will Ohman as middle relief help and someone like Brian Fuentes to close, but there really isn't much to get excited about on the market.

Shapiro was pretty clear on why he traded Paul Byrd. It wasn't about the return package. It was about the opportunity for others. Not to mention giving Byrd a goot shot to win something.

"This trade is about creating an opportunity for some of our players," said Shapiro, "and giving Paul a chance to get to the postseason. It also gives us $2 million that ownership says we can allocate to next year's team." (Plain Dealer)

The reason there is no return on this trade is because Boston is paying the rest of his salary, so there is no reason to give up anything worthwhile. In the end I think the Indians will just say, okay thank you for that, let's be on our way. You didn't need to get a prospect for Paul Byrd, getting rid of him is more than enough because it gives us a chance to see Zach Jackson or get Aaron Laffey back up here.

Byrd was shocked, cancel those book signings he had scheduled.

"I was kind of ambushed," Byrd said. "It kind of was a surprise to me and an emotional moment." (Indians.com)

Kelly Shoppach is probably the one guy that will take the trade hard considering he was Paul's catcher last year and they became friends. Poor Shoppach is losing all his friends with Casey being traded.

"It's sad to see a friend go, but it's an opportunity for him to make the playoffs," said Shoppach, "We worked together a lot. But it's part of the game and it will be a part of it as long as the game is played. (Plain Dealer)

The good news is Paul Byrd doesn't really have to prepare for his first game on Friday. He's gonna slide right in and start the opener against Toronto, the team he just threw a complete game again.

Paul is a gamer and he truly loves the organization and city that drafted him. So you can imagine putting on that Boston jersey will be tough for him. He's played under Tito Francona before though, so I'm sure Byrd will adjust and fit in just fine.

Well there was a game last night if you didn't know.

Asdrubal Cabrera was a big part of it.

"He's had some good at-bats from both sides of the plate," said Wedge, who used Jhonny Peralta at designated hitter. "He worked hard at Buffalo [after being sent down] and up here." (Plain Dealer)

He certainly has. He has the average up and he's looking good at the plate. He's doing stuff he didn't even do last year by showing bunt and threatening to add that as a part of his game.

One guy who didn't have it for the first inning was Jeremy Sowers. But the team picked him up and while he didn't get a win, he showed a little fight. I'm not sold on Jeremy, and don't think I will be. He probably isn't an answer but the Indians need to find out and find out now.

One last quote from the Byrdman, Thanks for everything Paul!

"Cleveland has been great to me. The fans have always cheered for me. When I walked off the field in my last start at home [Aug. 2], the fans gave me a standing ovation. It was very special for me."

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