That was like pulling teeth; Tribe Win 4 Straight

Seriously now, Tuna.. That was like going to the dentist.

In the end though, everything was fine.

Edwin Mujica pulled one of those, I'm going to blow the game for you, so I can get the win kind of deals. Not only that, he only gave up one earned run. He'll, I wouldn't give him the win, he stunk. Just go winless on this one or give it to Donnelly. I mean seriously now, that was just..

Why bring him in with the bases loaded and one out? Are you really that evil Wedge?

Guy thew eight pitches and basically gave up four runs.

I thought Eddie had something, and then we started putting him in more pressure situations and he's failed. So, I think it might be safe to say Mujica won't be a major part of this pen.

Brendan Donnelly has the makings of that though. His first game back and he's thrown right into the fire of a two run game in the 8th inning, like he's used to. He got the job done. He was clocking in near 90 MPH on the gun so he's got his arm there.

Real excited about him. This isn't Juan Rincon or anything, this could be for real.

You can't say enough about the offense tonight, despite leaving a lot of runs on the table (cough Marte 5 cough). Grady left 7 on base but Marte was just... Frustrating.

Ryan Garko probably had the most runners on base in his at bats and he didn't leave any, getting a sac fly in the first and a bases loaded single later in the game. Ryan is coming around for sure.

How about Sal Fasano knocking in two runs? Man what a backup.. We are three deep at the Catcher position with him hitting .323. No reason we shouldn't hold onto the big man for the remainder of the year.

Andy Gonzalez pinch ran for Garko and later hit the big two run jack for extra insurance. Great work there Sir.

Droobs had that nice solo home run and you can see Vic razzing on him in the dugout. I think he's made him his mentor somewhat. Two Venezuelans, great to see.

Benny Fresh has a solo shot as well, knocks in a run. Looking good. The offense really got it done, despite leaving tons of opportunities on the board. This could have been a no doubter but the bullpen and Eric Wedge's stubbornness to leave Fausto in the game made it tougher.

Fausto was okay.. He's still getting into it. He had some innings where he looked downright dominant like his old self, so that's encouraging. He's still trying to feel his way around though, you can tell.

Well, that's one down and 9 to go on the homestand. You got the exact opposites going tomorrow. Wild man Daniel Cabrera and Control Pitcher Jeremy Sowers. That will be interesting.


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