Tribe Streak Ends as Guthrie Bites Back

Is Brendan Donnelly serious with this?

3-2 pitch, he pretty much pitches around Nicky Markakakakakakis the entire at-bat and then on the 3-2 pitch with a base open, he shakes off Shoppach so he can......

Throw a fastball right down the middle?

Markakis is one of the better hitters in the entire league and you do that?

Come on Tuna.

Lack O Offense for the most part though, so I 'spose it doesn't matter. Anthony Reyes took the tough luck loss. I thought he pitched well, and his fastball looked a bit more livelier. Remember this is a good offense and he held them in check for the most part for six innings. He did throw 62 strikes out of his 96 pitches, that's 64% which is pretty good.

Aside from the Gutierrez double and then the two doubles by Marte and Sizemore in the fifth, Guthrie shut his former team down. Great to see him pitching well, but would have liked to get to Rocky Cherry there in the 8th. I sorta felt like they were gonna get to the bullpen if they had a shot and Cherry for the most part wasn't throwing a lot of real strikes.

Tomorrow, it will be Zach Jackson, not Aaron Laffey, who gets the call-up to face Daniel Cabrera, expect a wild one if I do say so myself.


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