Wakeup Wahoo: Garko Dusts Himself Off; Byrd Dusting the Competition

How often do you see the headline... "Byrd Goes Distance, Outduels Halladay."

Seriously.. That was the headline today on Indians.com. Paul Byrd really pitched well and the Tribe managed to get enough off Halladay for him to succeed. Amazing when you think about it. His value is at an all time high with the way he's pitched the past 30 some days. He's cleared waivers, yet no team is interested? The Indians are gonna have to pay his salary if they don't trade him, so they should really just eat anything for a deal.

"I knew I had to do something different," Byrd said. "I had to change. I feel good with where I'm at right now. I'm very confident. Better late than never." (Indians.com)

Some of his success can be attributed to the rework of his curveball with the help of Twins broadcaster and should-be hall of famer Bert Blyleven.

Good news if Brendan Donnelly regains form and becomes a reliable bullpen arm for the Tribe down the stretch.

"So far, everything is leading to a relationship in the future." (Plain Dealer)

So far, no action for the tan-man(check out his bio picture at Indians.com), but I hope he pans out. It'd be nice if he helps out the team that gave him a chance to regain himself.

Interesting thing from Hey Hoynsie.

Hey, Hoynsie: It was reported on XM-MLB radio that the Indians targeted Matt LaPorta in the CC Sabathia trade because Travis Hafner's injury is far worse than thought and he may end up needing surgery that may put him out for 18 months and maybe end his career. -- Casey Morgan, Olmsted Falls

Hey, Casey: I don't know what's going on in Hafner's shoulder. He's back swinging the bat, the Indians keep saying he'll play before the end of the season and that he won't need surgery. This season has taught me not to take their word where the health of their players is concerned.

But I doubt they traded for LaPorta to make him a DH. He'll get a shot at left field. If that fails, he'll be tested at first. You don't trade a Cy Young winner for a 23-year-old DH. If you do, there have to be consequences.

Are you kiddin me Tuna?

I doubt it.. The Indians acquired Matt LaPorta because... HES MATT LAPORTA! DUH!

While we are on the CC Trade... Eric Wedge actually spent some time to watch his former Ace pitch.

"Not too many days do I wait around and watch the end of another baseball game after we're done playing," said Wedge. "CC is a special guy." (Plain Dealer)

Some may wonder if the Brewers are abusing their new toy. Whatever you want to call it, they are getting their moneys worth for him.

Ryan Garko is really taking to the pick yourself up and dust yourself off thing.

"I made a mistake, I owned [up to] it, and I was pretty hard on myself these last couple days," he said. "But everybody makes mistakes and gets knocked down sometimes. It's about what you do when you get back up." (Indians.com)

I've been waiting for Garko to do this. He's been met with plenty of opportunities this year and hasn't taken advantage. If there was ever a time to repsond, it would be now.

It's becoming painfully obvious that Anthony Reyes just needed a change, and the Indians provided him with that.

Here's a little bit of Karma for ya after letting Brandon Phillips flourish with another team.

"When I'd get sent down in St. Louis, no one ever told me what I was supposed to work on," said Reyes. "It wasn't like it was anything mean, but I was going crazy trying to figure out if I did something wrong. Did I step on someone's toes?" (Plain Dealer)

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