Wakeup Wahoo: Jackson Called Up; Rehab for the Injured

You know, they really shouldn't be called up Zach Jackson tomorrow to start.

It is a weird weird thing that Jeremy Guthrie is pitching in this series, not just against who he pitched against. But.. The fact that the Indians now are calling up Zach Jackson..


"We did the best we could with it in regard to opportunity," said manager Eric Wedge, before Wednesday's game. "With our timetable, with what we were trying to do up here, how we were trying to compete, we weren't able to make it work." (Plain Dealer)

As Paul Hoynes so eloquently points out.. You were trying to do the best you could with.......... Jason Johnson.

Riiiiiiiiiiiight, I'll believe that one in... Fifty years..

You've made Andy Marte work on a team that was supposed to contend for a World Series, I think you could have made Jeremy Guthrie work on a team that finished.. Oh I don't really want to relive that year.

In a way, I'm glad Guthrie came back last night and shut us down. It gives Eric Wedge a little bit of a punch in the mouth. While I'm not in the Wedge Haters Group, I'm all for giving him a dose of "Screw You" every once in awhile. Jody Gerut's home run was nice too, btw have you seen him lately? Comeback player of the year anyone?

"In talking to him a little last year, he got a chance to go out every fifth day and pitch. He had a safety net. He wasn't walking a tightrope every game. He knew he wasn't pitching for his job every night. That's important to any player." (Plain Dealer)

Thank you Garko.. Boy those Stanford kids know what they are talking about don't they?

With that.. yes the Indians will be calling up Zach Jackson to make the start on Thursday. We get our first real look at the lefty we got in the CC Sabathia trade. Just one of the pieces of course.

Great quote by him though.

"I'm just excited and really thankful for the opportunity," Jackson said. "It's go time." (Indians.com)

It's Go Time!


It's a no-go time for Masa Kobayashi who we suspected would be KILLING his career innings pitch mark if he were to continue at the pace he was on. Well Eric Wedge is gonna back off The Masa San for a while.

"He's in a new country, new league and in a different role," said Wedge. "He was more of a one-inning guy in Japan. I think it's fair to say that he's probably wearing down. That's the situation we've had in our bullpen. We've had to use every guy." (Plain Dealer)

I'd actually DL him with fatigued arm when September rolls around and see what else ya got. The Indians better work on either A) Conditioning him to throw 50 innings (his numbers decreased as the year went on) or B) plan to use him as a one inning guy for a set number of innings next year.

Much like I was this morning, Shin-Soo Choo was looking for the South Korea Vs USA game.. It is not on TV.. The question is, Why was Choo up at 4:30 AM Wednesday morning?

I really hate the Olympics coverage of the baseball stuff.. I don't have time to sit here and watch it online, and I have ABSOLUTELY no clue when it's on TV because they schedule it in blocks.. 12 to 12.... Like really come on now?

Brendan Donnelly moved into the vacated veterans locker via default. They ran out of lockers, what can you do?

The juicy stuff of this whole thing.. Victor Martinez and Josh Barfield are on their wayyyy back baby.

Both are off to Akron and will be playing in their first rehab assignements. Barfield will play Thursday while Victor will DH on Friday, go back to Cleveland for a workout, then return for another game on Sunday.

Travis Hafner meanwhile ran the bases AND will take Batting Practice TODAY! Winner Winner..

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