Wakeup Wahoo: Lewis Getting his Shot; Reyes' New Start

Here's a little bit of interesting news on the Closer Front.

Huston Street was claimed off waivers by a Non-Contender.. The Indians have heavily been rumored to at least have interest in Oakland's closer, but nothing got done. Considering the Mariners have a closer and the Royals are better than us, oh man, the Indians could have very well won the claim. It is all moot though as nothing got done.

Speaking of Closers..

"He'll get more opportunities," manager Eric Wedge said.

"It was a little different heartbeat going in there," Lewis said. "I look at it as an opportunity. You can't make it bigger than what it is." (Indians.com)

I'm telling you that Jensen Lewis might be the in-house answer if there is one. He loves the big lights, he gets that fastball up when it matters. He is a BIG GAME pitcher.. He would thrive as a closer because of his moxie and "You will not beat me" attitude. I hope he gets more chances.. He did a good job.

Also Wedge said on Rafael Perez that he simply can't throw him three innings every night.. That sucks, Perez would be an old-school closer.. Come in and pitch three innings for a save.. Ha.

While we are on the subject of Jensen Lewis, let's hope he isn't heading down that Joel Zumaya road with the Guitar Hero phenomen.

You mess with the bull and you get the horns if you don't hustle under Eric Wedge's watch. It was the reason Milton Bradley got dealt and it is the reason Ryan Garko won't start until Wedge feels ready.

"I'm not playing him today," Wedge said before the game. "I'm not sure when I'm going to play him." (Plain Dealer)

I'm not sure if we have to worry about Venezuelan players playing for the WBC next spring. Juan Rincon said that plenty are un-happy with the way things went down last year, and already three key players have backed out in Magglio Ordonez, Carlos Guillen, and Johan Santana.

"He was selling tickets to the players, and the tickets should have been free. The players' families couldn't get hotel rooms and weren't getting into the ballparks for the games until the fourth or fifth inning." (Plain Dealer)

Rafael Betancourt who played last time around said if they asked him, he would partake. Be my guest bud. Just keep Vic, Franklin and Asdrubal away from the team.

Injury updates galore.

Lonnie Soloff says Travis Hafner could take BP next week. Right now he is taking soft-toss and by the end of next week could be taking regular Batting Practice with the team. Once he takes 60 soft-tosses, he'll graduate to BP and once he is good in BP he'll go out on a rehab assignment.

Victor Martinez is already taking Batting Practice and should be ready for a rehab assignement mid-week.

The final invalid could be on the same schedule as Victor Martinez or at least close to it. Josh Barfield took BP and all went well.

Anthony Reyes is speaking up about why he didn't feel good in St. Louis.

"I felt I didn't fit in [with the Cards]," Reyes said. "It was hard trying to make people happy there. It made for some long years." (Indians.com)

Dave Duncan might be a genius, but he isn't the communicator Carl Willis is.. If Reyes is someone who needs to communicate, he came to the right place.

"It was great working with [Triple-A pitching coach Scott] Radinsky," said Reyes, who went 2-0 with a 2.77 ERA in Buffalo. "And the pitching coach here [Carl Willis] is nice. I see a lot of positives to it. There's more communication here." (Indians.com)

I'm going to echo the sentiments of Anthony Castrovince, who got a win when he found out that Reyes is the first Anthony to pitch for the Indians, EVER. I'm not an Anthony, but I've often been called that AND Tony.. Which is far worse.. Tony doesn't count, it is Tony in itself and itself alone.

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