Wakeup Wahoo: Shoppach Breaks Bat, Cliff Lee Still Rocks

Cliff Lee isn't worried about 20 wins or Cy Young awards or anything. I think I am though, along with the rest of you are. He isn't though.

"I just worry about my next start," Lee said, "and what I have to do to give myself the best chance to win." (Indians.com)

That is the difference between Cliff Lee of 2008 and Cliff Lee of the past and I think is the reason you won't see him fall on his face next year. Cliff is a changed pitcher and he has a different mindset as Eric Wedge put it.

He did however find the Kelly Shoppach bat break funny, but Kelly's wife doesn't like when he does that.

"After the fact, you feel like a jackass, Some people think it's cool, but my wife hates it," Shoppach said. "She thinks I look like a baby." (Indians.com)

It is cool Kelly.. Keep doing it you rebel.

Grizzle isn't going to be trying that any time in the near future.

"It was awesome. I've seen Kelly do it a couple of times. If I tried to do that, I'd probably end up in a hospital." (Plain Dealer)

Grady played QB.. Kelly played FB... I think that's why Kelly can snap a bat over his thigh and Grady can't.

Speaking of Grady Sizemore, Shin-Soo Choo came up to him for some help, and Grady is not shying away from that leadership role at all.

"Grady Sizemore has been helping me a lot, especially against left-handers," said Choo. "He's been telling me what they throw and how he tries to hit against them." (Plain Dealer)

One guy who Wedge is hoping brings a little veteran leadership to the bullpen is Brendan Donnelly.

"And he has a little salt to him, too," Wedge said. "All that should help these guys." (Indians.com)

A little salt to him? Wow combined with that outrageous tan he got in Winter Haven, I might just want to eat him on a sandwich than watch him in my bullpen. Are we trying to cook him or pitch him? Seriously now.

For now, Wedge isn't assigning Donnelly a role, quite like how he isn't assigning anyone a role.

Jensen Lewis will get another shot to close out a game and who knows what could go on from there.

Eric Wedge is a little giddy about Travis Hafner coming back. So much he thinks Hafner could be RIGHT BEHIND both Martinez and Barfield in terms of a rehab assignment. Now there is no telling how many of the 10 days rehab games allowed Hafner will take up, but we could see him sooner than expected. He is trying to take BP this week which is the last step a player needs to cocmplete before rehab.

Victor Martinez will be on one this weekend and Josh Barfield will be right around there as well. Good times, good news, we are getting our players back.

Ben Francisco's stay in the three hole is probably over with Martinez coming back soon. Kelly Shoppach is hitting there for experience says Eric Wedge, that and he's really hot, so why not?

"It's an opportunity for him to hit in a primary spot in the order," Wedge said. "He's done a good job, his approach has been consistent, he's driving the ball. I don't see him ending up there, but, with where we're at, it's a good opportunity for him." (Indians.com)

Neat.. I updated the boards yesterday, but they are gonna need another one here with Fedroff and the Lake County call-ups.

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