What are you trying to say about Sal Fasano's Weight?

Here is some very clever product placement from the game the other night. I forgot to post this, but I find it odd that they are placing the KFC ad right when Sal Fasano is making his way to the plate.

Is it because he's so fat that it takes him longer to get there, so therefore you have more time?

Or is it because you are trying to say Sal Fasano eats a lot of KFC?

Either way... I question this.. I think it is downright wrong to be taking advantage of Fat Sal's weight.. Not only that and he wouldn't be caught dead at a KFC.. He's a Popeyes guy if want's chicken. But chicken would only bring out the idea that Fasano is a chicken.. With that, he goes to Burger King. Because Fasano likes the double Whoppers.

I don't know.. Here is the advertisement.

Matt Underwood reads ad for KFC, During Fasano At-Bat.

I call discrimination against fat Italians. In return, the Italian mustache will fire watermelon seeds at you.

It's a conspiracy!

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