What Could Have Been: Jeremy Guthrie

Jeremy GuthrieJeremy Guthrie
Baltimore Orioles

Starting Pitcher
6'1" 200
B/T: L/R
Acquired: 2002 Draft, 1st Round, 22 Overall
How he got away: Claimed by Baltimore off Waivers in January, 2007

Just another Stanford player that the Indians let get away. Jeremy Guthrie is showing he belongs in the Major Leagues, it's just not with the team he was drafted by. Guthrie had all the talent in the world but never the chance with the Indians. The team decided to continue trying guys like Jason Davis rather than give Jeremy Guthrie a reasonable shot. The Indians used Guthrie out of the pen for three years. Combined in 04 and 05 he pitched in less than 20 innings of relief.

He got just one shot in 2006 to start for the Indians. He gave up four runs in just 4.2 innings of work, but that would be his last shot with the Tribe.

Jeremy, like so many other Indians farm hands as of late, has flourished in his new home of Baltimore. Last year he was 9th in all of the American League in ERA and this year he pretty much anchors a young and in-experienced staff with a 3.26 ERA.

So why is Jeremy Guthrie no longer on this team?

I wish I had an answer. Actually, I wish I didn't have to ask the rhetorical question. Guthrie has talent and he is showing he can get the job done, but Cleveland ran out of time with their first round pick of 2002 and simply had to cut the cord. They are now paying for it, as Jeremy Guthrie could easily be apart of this rotation. He'd give you three top pitchers that have done gotten it done in the big leagues.

Then again, he is just another one of those "Change of Scenery" players. We've learned a bit about Anthony Reyes and his problem with St. Louis. People suggest a change for him will be what he needs. Guthrie is a living example that sometimes a change in teams is what someone needs. His confidence probably was a boost when Baltimore said, Yeah sure, we'll bring you aboard, show us what you got.

Time and time his confidence here had to waver, being thrown in the pen, starting at Buffalo, starting just one game for the Indians. Just a bunch of stuff a young player can't handle. Where would he fit in right now? Right in that three hole behind Fausto and Cliff. Point blank.. Could we use him? Hell yes, you can always use pitching. But, it wasn't to be and for that we wish Jeremy Guthrie luck in Baltimore. Just not today of course...

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