Whoa Nelly, How About a Tribe Win?

I don't know if I'm on the record for this, so might as well.

If there is one guy in this system that is going to close games for the Cleveland Indians.. It will be Jensen Lewis. He has the mentality to get the job done and the live arm in the pressure situations to keep a hitter unbalanced.

With that said..

Five in a row and it feels so good.

Usual Tuesday duties so I did not get to see the first few innings, but how about Choo getting on, Marte bunting him over and Cabrera going up the middle.

That is a manufactured run my friends.

That opened up the Sizemore single and Francisco hit to bring Cabrera home. Just timely hitting when you need it most.

Ryan Garko knocked in yet another run, as did Peralta. Very quietly Asdrubal Cabrera has raised his average up to .221, which is far respectable than the .180 some one he was carrying earlier in the year.

No one had more than one RBI, which means to tell me that 1-9 thing is working well. Everyone but starting minus Shoppach had a hit, and it was just a well played offensive game.

I don't know what Jeremy Sowers looked like but the important thing is he went into the 7th, rebounded from the two early runs. This was Jensen Lewis' night though. Keep giving the kid some chances and he's gonna be locking it down.. Mark IT DOWN!

Tomorrow A-Ray as he will be called goes against former Indian Jeremy Guthrie. Expect a What Could Have Been on him.. I'm gonna be getting into the Byrd stuff tomorrow as well, I think Laffey will be called up to take Byrd's spot on Thursday. What a matchup though.. Guthrie and Reyes. Guthrie did what Reyes is trying to do with the Indians.. Change of scenary..


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