Hafner Helps Aeros Advance to EL Championship

Boy was Hafner swinging.

I was fortunate to sit right behind the Home on-deck circle so I watched Travis Hafner pretty much lurk around and wait for his at-bats.

To recap.

Matt LaPorta walked in the bottom of the first with two outs to bring up Pronk. After working the count and fouling some pitches off, Hafner blasted a line drive home run into the right field bleachers.

At that point, it was over.

Hafner would knock in another run later on a bases loaded hit by pitch. The reliever was coming in with one out and three on and basically said "hey go ahead, face Travis Freaking Hafner". He hit Travis on the first pitch.

His next two at-bats were both stung shots. One to left field in which he absolutely smashed and a hard grounder to second base. He looked real good swinging the bat.

Matt LaPorta is a players ladies and gentleman. He is a player! It was the eigth inning, he could have mailed it in with the Aeros up by four runs, but instead on a weak slow rolling grounder in the infield he ran hard and almost beat it out. He isn't mailing it at all even though he could.

Oh, he also hit a home run over the left field wall. I swear it left the park, but who knows.

Walk up Music.

The walk-up music was very interesting.. I don't know if you've ever watch Rob & Big on MTV, but the song "Dirty Girl" was LaPorta's walk up music. Hafner's was the theme song to WWE wrestler John Cena. Go figure.

The Aeros bat boy on the vistors side of the field was playing the air guitar to all the songs between innings. He was very entertaining cause when he'd pick up the bat, he'd pretend he was shooting a gun at random people in the crowd.

Reid Santos is a flithy little pitcher, I enjoyed watching him throw the ball. He was getting guys to wave at some really puzzling pitches.

I bought an Aeros hat, so I'm all set. The store was out of any XL shirt imaginable so I couldn't get a shirt. Restock!

Frank Herrmann was lights out tonight, just setting the Baysox down. Just three hits and no walks in his seven innings of work.

In just the two games with the Aeros, Hafner had 7 RBI.. Damn sir, I'm sure Bowie isn't pleased about that.

Anyway, I had a great time and might go to one of the Championship games next week, but I won't like, Hafner is the main reason I went. Congrats to the Aeros.

Here are a few pictures from where I was sitting, I was only on my phone so they are blurry, but it gives you an idea. That is Pronk walking around wearing number 50 with LaPorta at bat.

Great stuff.. Anyway the Tribe's 10 game road win streak is snapped. Oh well, Gil Meche had it on lockdown again and Zach Jackson looks like aside from one inning, was pretty damn good.

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