One Last Cheer for the PRONK

How GOOD was it to see Travis Hafner in the Indians lineup.


How GREAT was it to see Travis Hafner swinging the bat.


How AWESOME was it to see Travis Hafner get two hits in his first two at bats.


I realize I never answered my questions, nor did I actually put a question mark, but shut up.


I mean for the first time in a long time, he looked comfortable in the Indians uniform, swinging the bat.

Its great for him to come back and play an do well. He did go 2-4 with the walk and K.. But man he jumped on those pitches, going the other way and then yanking one into right field.

Everyone knows my man love for Pronk is ridiculous. I'm just so happy to see him playing and I think for sure we have our Pronkster back. He probably won't hit many home runs or bombs or Pronklike shots the remaining games left, but he'll play and I think next year is the Year of the Pronk.

Anyway.. just a good game. Could have had more runs like Jeremy Sowers said, but good stuff all around. Asdrubal is on a bit of a rip here and ANDY MARTE was partying tonight. Good swinging from him and MISTA Aubrey tonight.

Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy. This was the Jeremy Sowers of his rookie year.. Where has this Jeremy been?

Can we get more of that Jeremy and maybe we won't have to worry about another starter for next year.. JEREMY!

Best he's been all year with his control. Walked just one and struck out 7.. He wont strike out seven a lot but the key to him is keeping the walks down. It let him get the quick innings and he only threw 96 pitches thru the 8 innings.

Great job all around damint.

Tomorrow its a few youngsters. I believe Chris Waters was called up from Double A awhile ago. Scott Lewis makes his Major League Debut fresh from the Double-A playoffs.


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