Rant Revisted; Hafner and Bullington to be activated


I bring it up about Jamey Carroll playing second and LOW AN BEHOLD

There he is at second base..


Are you trying to completely nix him out of this equation damnit.

Anyway.. Travis Hafner made his return with the team in Baltimore today, took BP and all indications are he will be activated tomorrow.


Pronk is OFFICIALLY Back! Party Time.

Now the question becomes when does he see his first bit of action.

and How long before he decapitates Jamey Carroll for taking over the Fantasy Football League?

Bryan Bullington will be activated to the Active roster for the start on Saturday in the double header. This is a no-brainer, considering he is on the 40 man roster. Why waste a spot, it's just one start and hell, its the Royals.

We'll see what Bullington has.. He is just a sitting duck though if you ask me. They have prospects that need protection and Bullington is one of those guys that could clear a spot for them.


This kid is on fire. He's really figuring out a lot of the Indians issues. I'd really like to see Dellucci jetisoned and them go with the four man rotation of Grady, Ben and Choo with Gutierrez as the fourth OF. It fits perfectly. It also is one less position you need to pay attention to in Free Agency. I'm putting together a mega chart for the off-season.. I think our prime needs would be Third Base, Starting Pitcher and Bullpen. We'll tackle that when there is nothing to talk about though.

Tomorrow or Wednesay wil be probably our final What Could Have Been of the year.. Maybe we'll do one more in the regular season, maybe not. But, this one will be on Baltimore outfielder Luke Scott.

Fausto is pitching well right now. Offense nees to kick up a few more runs though with the way the O's offense runs. Aubrey Huff is partier.. I tell ya what.

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