Sunday Morning Rant

I got a little bit of stuff to say here on this lovely Sunday Morning.

The last time I checked, the calender has turned to September.

So.. With that.. We've got some extra players on the roster now.

Why is Eric Wedge not USING THEM?!

I've yet to see Josh Barfield, John Meloan and Michael Aubrey.

Eric Wedge has been ho-hum about Josh Barfield and if he'll even see time this year.


I mean seriously guy.. You need to see what he has this year. If you can find at-bats for David Dellucci, you can find at bats for Josh Barfield.

If you can find innings for Edwin Mujica, you can find innings for John Meloan.

I mean really dude.. STOP PLAYING TO WIN EVERY GAME.

It's nice to win, but we need to figure this out, and you can't continue to pitch Rafael Perez in every given situation. Give someone else a chance to prove themselves.

I'm just getting really sick of this win at all costs mentality Eric Wedge is taking in a season that IS NOT WINNABLE. I wanna win as much as the next guy.. I get excited at the 10 game win streaks.. It's great.

But, those wins will come.. Its not like you are benching Peralta or Cabrera for weeks at a time. I'm talking about a start here or a start there.

Jamey Carroll has no business playing second base anymore.. Play him at third when Marte sits.. Play Barfield when Peralta or Cabrera need a break.

There is no reason for Rafael Perez to be coming into a game with a 5 run lead or a 4 run deficet. Bring in someone else.. Stop killing Perez with these stupid apperances.. A 4 run deficet isn't a position to be bringing in your ace set-up man, sorry to say. Bring in Betancourt or something if anything.

Boy, just ticked off.

Also Travis Hafner as I saw him last night.

If he isn't called up tomorrow, I'll be even more ticked off..

Last night, he looked fine, he was swinging free and easy, hitting the home run to right and the deep fly ball to left. He's gone through four at-bats two days in a row so don't tell me he can't handle a 3 at-bat game every other day. Don't even FEED me that garbage.

Call him up.. Get him in the lineup every other day, and stop screwing around.. That or shut him down...

It just puzzling to see some of the decisions this team is making with the injuries an the fact that this team ISNT GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS!

Stop winning at all costs in September.. Its nice when you win, we need to win some games, but playing Josh Barfield once in a great while over Asdrubal Cabrera isn't going to cost you a billions of wins.

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