A few bits of information: Joe Nelson to round out the pen?

There's been a few pieces of information to squeak out in the past day.

The most interesting is that of Joe Nelson and the very real possibility that the Indians may be the favorites to sign him.

He's 34 and he had his best season (only his fourth, 2nd with more than 3 innings of work) last year with a 2.00 ERA.

He was non-tendered by Florida and it became a Free Agent and is said to have 18 teams interested in his services, while the Indians are one of his top four teams.

Interesting to say the least.. With what we have and what we added, not sure why he's interested in us, but we talked about Will Ohman and how adding another arm would effect the Indians bullpen situation. I wouldn't be against it, but I'd like to see one of the youngsters make some sort of impact at some point in the season.

On to our current players...

Jhonny Peralta injured his hand in winter ball. Ross Atkins says he just jammed his hand on a pitch. He was supposed to play in last night's game so, looks like just a precaution.

We are sending one player to the WBC this spring, that would be Grady Sizemore to the US Team.

Shapiro can't be comfortable because the last time this happened, Rafael Betancourt had issues, which is who he was referring to in his quote, I'll assume. But he supports Grady going for the game.
"As a general manager, you're always concerned when your player isn't playing for you," said GM Mark Shapiro, "but this is good for the game and it's an honor for Grady."
There, I guess, are limits to Carmona and Martinez to compete for the DR and Venezuela respectively, because they spent more than 45 days on the DL last year.. I personally wouldn't let them play because they are key this season, but Shapiro is going to handle it day by day. I got no problem with Grady going, he's a workhorse.

I'm not sure who else will be looked at to play in the WBC.. I do believe that Anthony Castrovince has mentioned that Sal Fasano is on the provisional roster for Italy. Go get em Salvatore. As for anyone on the team currently. Probably oustide Victor, Grady, and Fausto, there aren't many. Cliff Lee maybe, Kobayashi I do not believe was on the Japanese provisional roster, and of course we don't know about Shin-Soo Choo yet.

Minor League Signings: Jesus Mechan and Wilson Valdez... Tony at Prospects Insider thinks this could be a sign that Barfield is on his way out.

From the same link, Tony Sipp did not pitch in the Winter League, he was kept home because of a shoulder issue.

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