Gutierrez on his way to Seattle; Indians Will Receive Two Youngsters

Nino Colla | Wednesday, December 10, 2008 | | | | | | | Best Blogger Tips
The shock of this trade is still not wearing off and I was hoping that it wasn't going to be true.

But it looks like it's going to get done.

Thankfully.. The Indians aren't getting Aaron Heilman, Endy Chavez or first baseman Mike Carp.

The deal breaks down as this.

Mets Get: RP JJ Putz, OF Jeremy Reed, RP Sean Green
Mariners Get: OF Franklin Gutierrez, OF Endy Chavez, RP Aaron Heilman, 1B Mike Carp
Indians Get: 2B Luis Valbuena (Mariners), RP Joe Smith (Mets)

Really.. I'm stoked we got another arm for the bullpen.............

That was sarcasm...

I mean.. Valbuena is a very young second baseman.. He'll be 23 through next season and Joe Smith will turn 25 in March.

I mean great.. some young talent.

But at what expense?

This isn't that infielder.. I hope to god this is not that infielder.

If Mark Shapiro is crazy enough to throw Andy Marte, Jamey Carroll, Josh Barfield, and this 23 year old Luis Valbuena in spring training, with maybe a few ST invites and hope one of them sticks at either 2nd or 3rd.

I will wring his neck.

This smells bad..

I'm not saying this because I love Franklin Gutierrez either.

Does anyone know that this basically says

Okay Ben Francisco.. Okay Shin-Soo Choo.. You are our outfielders.

Okay David Dellucci.. You are our fourth outfielder.


The guy can't play defense.. He has no speed and this is the guy we have coming off the bench?

That is complete insanity.

Mark Shapiro better have something else up his sleeve.. And when I mean something else.. I mean corresponding moves and at least a viable infield option..

Another arm for the bullpen?!


Meloan, Miller, Stevens, that waste of garbage Mujica, now Smith. It's great to have depth..

But at the expense of our fourth outfielder.

Brantley or Crowe better be ready and ready quickly.

Because this smells bad to me at first glance. I'll feel better if there are more moves in store..

But on the surface, I'm worried about what this means.

Official now at 11:35..

Goodbye Frankie :( :( :( :(


Charlie said...

This was a good trade, straight up, just made at a bad time. Guttierez is a known commodity to Indians fans, great glove, cant hit at all. We gave him 440PAs and he never learned to recognize a pitch, struck out 20% of the time, walked 6% of the time and didn't progress one bit. We gave up a spare part.

We could bring up any number of minor leaguers to replicate the defense and duplicate the same offense. In return we get a ROOGY specialist that will complement Rundles and leave Meloan, Perez, Betancourt, Kobayashi, Lewis and Wood to fill out the pen.

The fact that we left a guy like Jordan Brown (who actually has some trade value) off the 40man and kept Mujica (who is nothing more than an organizational warm-body) is inexcusable, but I digress.

Valbuena is Asdrubal 2.0, just taking a flier on a middle infield propsect (of which we are organizationally devoid) and seeing if a kid who can hit can pull it together in the field. Although the scouting report on his body-type (pudgy) is less than encouraging because unless he hits like Vidro (pre 2007) he is another warm body like Eddy Cheeks.

Regardless, we sold one worthless piece (although a shiny one because of the perceived potential) for a marginally useful piece and a new shiny piece. If this trade went down AFTER our eventual infield pickup (which I think could be Beltre now because of the fact that Putz being dealt is a clear sign that the Mariners are cashing this season in) we would all be praising Shapiro for making an excellent roster management move.

npc29 said...

Are you positive that the defense can be replicated?

I'm not.. I'm a big guy with defense and I hate the idea of trading one of our best defensive players, replacing him with our worst outfielder (You can say Crowe or Brantley are on their way, but right now Shapiro is committed to Dellucci), and getting a... righty specialist?

I weary.. Perhaps it happened at the wrong time, no.. It did happen at the wrong time, because there needs to be moves to go along with this, or else Mark Shapiro shot himself in the foot when it comes to the entire outlook of this team.

npc29 said...

As for Mujica........ Yeah your guess is as good as mine...... I don't understand why he's still on the 40 man.

Charlie said...

The reason that his defense can be "replicated" is because his defense only comes when he plays in the field, and when he plays in the field, he has to hit. When he hits, he makes outs....a lot. So, are we saying we can't find one defender capable of hitting .250/.320/.410 that can play well-above average defense in RF? I think we are selling our farm system and scouting report very short.

I think maybe we sold a little early in the process, particularly if the Mariners were outright interested in Guttierez. He could have been the big leaguer the Mariners got in a deal for Beltre. But it seems that Beltre is blocking teams from midwest for whatever reason. He blocked the Twins today and I'm guessing Shapiro knew this ahead of time which is why he pulled the trigger.