Gutierrez on his way to Seattle; Indians Will Receive Two Youngsters

The shock of this trade is still not wearing off and I was hoping that it wasn't going to be true.

But it looks like it's going to get done.

Thankfully.. The Indians aren't getting Aaron Heilman, Endy Chavez or first baseman Mike Carp.

The deal breaks down as this.

Mets Get: RP JJ Putz, OF Jeremy Reed, RP Sean Green
Mariners Get: OF Franklin Gutierrez, OF Endy Chavez, RP Aaron Heilman, 1B Mike Carp
Indians Get: 2B Luis Valbuena (Mariners), RP Joe Smith (Mets)

Really.. I'm stoked we got another arm for the bullpen.............

That was sarcasm...

I mean.. Valbuena is a very young second baseman.. He'll be 23 through next season and Joe Smith will turn 25 in March.

I mean great.. some young talent.

But at what expense?

This isn't that infielder.. I hope to god this is not that infielder.

If Mark Shapiro is crazy enough to throw Andy Marte, Jamey Carroll, Josh Barfield, and this 23 year old Luis Valbuena in spring training, with maybe a few ST invites and hope one of them sticks at either 2nd or 3rd.

I will wring his neck.

This smells bad..

I'm not saying this because I love Franklin Gutierrez either.

Does anyone know that this basically says

Okay Ben Francisco.. Okay Shin-Soo Choo.. You are our outfielders.

Okay David Dellucci.. You are our fourth outfielder.


The guy can't play defense.. He has no speed and this is the guy we have coming off the bench?

That is complete insanity.

Mark Shapiro better have something else up his sleeve.. And when I mean something else.. I mean corresponding moves and at least a viable infield option..

Another arm for the bullpen?!


Meloan, Miller, Stevens, that waste of garbage Mujica, now Smith. It's great to have depth..

But at the expense of our fourth outfielder.

Brantley or Crowe better be ready and ready quickly.

Because this smells bad to me at first glance. I'll feel better if there are more moves in store..

But on the surface, I'm worried about what this means.

Official now at 11:35..

Goodbye Frankie :( :( :( :(

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