Oh man! Really Man? Wood Presser Today!

You think the Indians are done addressing their bullpen?

I did, until one of my favorite targets popped up on the radar.

Yesterday, ESPN's Jerry Crasnick slipped this little bit of information out about Braves lefty Will Ohman.

The Indians, along with the Mets, inquired in on Ohman, who is looking for a two year deal.

Now, I was on board with signing a guy like Ohman when this offseason started. But now that we have a situational righty added and Kerry Wood, do we bother signing a guy like Ohman?

I mean that would give us one deep bullpen and put everyone at the top in a defined role.

Closer - Kerry Wood
8th Inning - Jensen Lewis
7th Inning - Rafael Perez
6th - Betancourt and Kobayashi rotate
Situationaly Lefty - Ohman
Situationaly Righty - Smith

That's 12 pitchers with the rotation and you'll almost likely carry 13 position players... Which means Jackson is left out of the mix if he doesn't win a rotation spot, and to be honest, I really like Zach as a long man. Don't forget he's also a left handed pitcher.

That would also give us, either way... If we don't sign Ohman..

Adam Miller, Jeff Stevens, Rich Rundles, John Meloan, and Tony Sipp all in Columbus' pen waiting on call in case needed... That is deep.. Five lefties as well.

The thing is Ohman is looking for a two year deal and he'll probably command some coin that the Indians could better use in another position if they have to. They need a infielder and starting pitcher more than they do Will Ohman to be honest.

Either way... It gives us something to talk about. Also note that I'm taking Ed Mujica out of the mix because I hate him. : )

Let me address the idea some Baltimore preson threw out about Ryan Garko.

Unless Baltimore is willing to part with Brian Roberts (let's not get into that though, please), there is nothing that the O's have that we could possibly want on the Infield. I love Aubrey Huff and Melvin Mora is listed as one of the targets, but I just don't think there is a match with Baltimore.

There is a new mailbag up at Indians.com and it has been since Monday night. I'm not going to go over it. I will say this about Valbuena though.

All these whacky platoons make no sense. Jamey Carroll is a utility infielder and he needs to be used that way. Now if he's playing a little less than the amount he played last year, I'm fine with that. But the guy he's sharing time with better be worth it.

Want to watch the Kerry Wood press conference? You can do so at 2:00 PM today.. On Indians.com or at the Plain Dealer site. I do believe STO will cover it, either live at 2 or a replay on All Bets Are Off with Bruce Drennan at three. I also think Drennan will be doing an interview with Wood, but I'm not positive on that one, I haven't watched much of the show this week.

Minor League Stuff.. the Scrappers unveiled their new logo and will debut new Jerseys at a later date, while Columbus has given the first peak at their new threads.

Carneggie44115 with the tip at the Prospect boards.

I like the Hat and I'm a huge hat collector so that's gonna be up on the list, maybe the red one too. But it's cool that they incorperated the red into their new uniforms with the Indians on board and everything.

The Bisons did the red and it just didn't look right. Speaking of, the Bisons introduced their new logo and well.. Uh.. They still spell it Bisons? You'd think they would have noticed that the plural is Bison not Bisons.. Cleveland's version had Bisons as well but.. I was hoping they'd fix that issue... Oh well.

It is way cooler than what we had with Buffalo, so kudos to them for that.

Latest Winter League Round-Up. Carmona didn't walk anyone in his last game that lasted Five Innings Plus.

Grady Sizemore, Ben Francisco, Kelly Shoppach, and the dynamic duo who need to be there, Ryan Garko and Josh Barfield, the BFF's, whatever, have been breaking in the new complex at Arizona.

Grizzle says it's state of the art and Garko says it's more organized and that he feels better going into the season. Both of those guys have homes in Arizona, so like Wood, it's a nice thing for the Tribe to have this new complex where it is.

Personally. I'm glad these guys, Garko and Barfield particularly, are working out there as early as they are. Hafner is probably going to get down there in January, but right now he's scheduled to do some swinging and has been working out at Progressive Field (let's remember the big lug lives in Cleveland now), soon.

It's a great thing overall.. I'm not sure why so many people were up in arms about this when it first happened. To have their own place, where they can house minor leaguers and for 12 months, year-round keep an eye on players and work with them longer than the season, it's fantastic and a big advantage.

Remember.. Kerry Wood Presser Today.. I'll be watching..

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